Thursday, September 21, 2017

Searching for fictional gold!

The BEST thing about writing? You can go on all kinds of fun adventures in the name of research! I've had a blast on my various research expeditions from Amish country in Ohio, to Alaska and lots of places in between, but to be honest, I'm pretty fascinated by my own state. I lived in Northern, California where the weather is awesome and the cheese is divine. We're a long skinny state, so you can start way down on the Mexican border with mild sandy Southern California beaches and work your way up to the San Francisco Bay Area where I live. Our beaches are not sandy here, our water is not warm, our topography is pretty gnarly. Green hills in spring fade to brown in summer and the grassy fields are dotted with the spectacular state flower...the golden poppy. Keep heading north and you'll pass by towering redwoods and a coastline that will take your breath away. 

My latest research journey, however, was deep into the heart of California's gold country to prep for my new Love Inspired Suspense cowboy series. Oh yes, we toured gold mines and poked around Sutter's mill and just plain soaked in the golden grasses and wooded foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Since my three sisters came along with me, it was an adventure indeed just deciding on a place for lunch! So how is that going to translate into this fiction series about four brothers who run a horse ranch called The Gold Bar? Well take a look at the video and we can imagine together!

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