Friday, November 6, 2009

Guess the T.V. Sleuth Game

I don’t watch much t.v. anymore. For some reason, the grit and guts of it just doesn’t ring my bell, but I sure do miss those wonderful T.V. detectives of yesteryear, both amateur and professional. You know who I’m talking about. The amazing and sometimes quirky characters who could unravel any mystery, no matter how convoluted and keep you watching until the end. They didn’t even require machine guns or crime labs to work their magic. So how about it? Let’s do a little quiz to see if you can guess the T.V. sleuths below. To add to the fun, why don’t you send in three clues about YOUR favorite T.V. detective and we’ll all try to guess. You game? Let’s go.

Detective Number One:
1. This detective first appeared on T.V. in 1960.
2. His first case pitted him against a psychiatrist with an iron clad alibi.
3. He is known to be a shabby dresser. The actor who played the role for T.V. used his own clothes.

Detective Number Two:
1. This lady lost her dear husband Frank. She had no children.
2. Her show lasted a whopping 264 episodes and won four Golden Globes.
3. Her nephew Grady always seemed to find himself in hot water.

Detective Number Three:
1. He first appeared in 1969.
2. He solved crimes along with four teenage companions.
3. He was named after the last line of a Frank Sinatra Song.
4. He worked for biscuits. Jinkies!


Margaret Daley said...

I know number 2 is Jessica Fletcher. The others I don't know. Great game.

EllenToo said...

Is the first one Colombo??? And I agree the second is Jessica Fletcher but I don't have any idea on the third one either.

Linda said...

1 Columbo
2 Jessica Fletcher
3. I can see the 4 teens, but can't remember the name. Mob something???

Ralene said...

Third one Scooby Doo? hahaha...

Dana Mentink said...

Jinkies, people. There's no cooler detective than the four legged one who rides in a tricked out van!

Terri Reed said...

My guess are Colombo, Jessica Fletcher and Scooby. I didn't even have to read the other posts to guess! I love all of these.

How about this one:
1.She came into being in 1929
2.She solved mysteries with her two best friends and boyfriend
3.She's starred in Books, TV and Movies.

Ralene said...

I believe Terry is referring to the infamous Nancy Drew. :)

Terri Reed said...

Yes, Ralene. Good old Nancy Drew who I adored and wanted to be when I grew up! Okay, so I'm not Nancy but I get to write suspense/mystery stories. That's close enough for me.
I have the full set of Nancy Drew books from when I was a middle school and got hooked. My daughter read and loved them as well.
Hmmm. I think I'll pick up a Hardy boys for my son and see if he'd like them. He's in Redwall and Warriors. Loves the animal stories.

Project Journal said...

I only knew Scooby, that's the only one I can relate I think(no offense!). I'm 17 years I know Scooby : )

Good one Terri! I knew yours too...I LOVED Nancy Drew! I also really enjoyed all of the Redwall books. Yes...I'm like the only girl(at least that I know) who's read those *grin*

Great idea! I'll have to try and think of on.... *thinking really hard*

Dana Mentink said...

Well Nancy is just the absolute BEST! And, she could solve crimes while maintaining her perfect titian hair and impeccable sweater sets.

Barbara Phinney said...

Great post, and as much as I loved Scooby, I didn't guess him!
Here's another one.
She was later than Nancy Drew, after Judy Bolton, and the Bobbsey Twins. She had curly blonde hair and a sophisticated best friend.

Debby Giusti said...

Fun post. Okay, I got one and two. Don't think I ever watched number 3. Scooby? Really?

Loved Nancy Drew!!! Read every book. Then read them all again! I still think of those wonderful plots. Wasn't it about chapter 18 that Nancy got into trouble? She saved herself by chapter 22 (am I close?) and the story concluded with a happy ending in chapter 23 or 24.

What was the word count? Hmmm? Maybe we need to come up with a modern Nancy Drew for today's young girls. A continuing saga on the Ladies of Suspense blog perhaps.

Project Journal said...

GREAT idea Debby! That'd be sooooo cool : D

I'm still thinking about your hint, Barbara. How recent is she?

Terri Reed said...

I remember the Bobbsey Twins. Never heard of Judy Bolton. Hmmm. Not sure of the curl blonde haired girl with a sophisticated friend.
give us another hint please.

PamelaTracy said...

When I was home with Mikey for six weeks after his birth, I went nuts watching daytime TV. Hated Court TV. Didn't want soaps or home shopping. I watched:
1. Favorite meal - hot dogs.
2. Wore same suit for every court appearance.
3. Starred in another hit series and brought along co-star.

Barbara Phinney said...

Wow, I didn't think you gals would be stumped. This heroine came after The Bobsey Twins, and had several brothers who teased her. Seh had a rich friend, and her initials were TB. Her first name was quite unusual.

Barbara Phinney said...

Oh, yes, her group, which solved mysteries were called The Bob-Whites.
Any one get it without googling?

Project Journal said...

I didn't Barbara! Lol...I've heard of it though(now that I know what it is)

Barbara Phinney said...

I was talking about Trixie Belden. She was the typical kid, unlike Nancy Drew. She complained about homework, chores and siblings. A girl after my own heart, back then.

Project Journal said...

Lol! I've heard of her, but never read any of her books.

I gave my sister a book a few years ago now. It was a girl detective. I remember thinking that she was like Nany Drew. I'll have to look and come back to let you all know : D