Saturday, November 28, 2009

Inspiration and Susan Boyle

It's hard for me to believe that there is anyone who hasn't heard about Susan Boyle and her stunning appearance on Britain's Got Talent. Just in case you haven't heard about her, here is the link to her audition.

I find this video so very inspirational. Here's an unemployed woman who'd always longed to be a singer. Even though she didn't fit the stereotype of what a superstar was, she gathered her courage, walked out onto the stage in front of Simon (that's scary enough) and sang her little heart out. I cry every time I see this video. When I heard on the news that Susan Boyle has a new CD out I decided to watch the video again. And cried again. It's simply beautiful.

It's important to remember sometimes that dreams, though fragile, can be achieved if you take the step to reach for them. And inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. I'm fortunate enough that my dream of publishing with Steeple Hill was achieved and continues. If you have a story of someone who dared to dream and achieved it, please post it here. We can all use a little inspiration sometimes.

Until next time, many blessings, Lisa Mondello


Barbara Phinney said...

I have no inspiring stories, but I am like you. I cry each time I see that video. It was amazing! Susan Boyle has an incredible voice and the guts to go after her dream. I really appreciate that. It's a tough world out there. We need to stop looking at the outside of people and start encouraging the insides, the hearts of our young people to try their best.

Project Journal said...

I completely agree with both of you!

My only critique of Susan is that after she became "famous"(though we all know that wasn't her plan), she changed so much. Her image has completely changed since the first time she stepped foot out onto that stage in front of Simon(I totally agree with you about him! Yikes!!). It's unfortunate that she couldn't have stayed the way she was. She would have been an even bigger role model in my eyes.

Today's society is way too hard on body image : /

EllenToo said...

Daring to Dream--This reminds me of several special ed students that I had the privilege of knowing during the many years I was a teacher. They were in my regular classes and dared to compete with the "regular" students and succeeded. One in particular was wheelchair bound and had the use of only one arm. Not only was her dream to graduate in the top 10% of her class but to go on to college and graduate and then hold down a job. She manage to fulfill her dream. She was not mentally handicapped but because of her speech people treated her like she was. She is now working and supporting herself.

Terri Reed said...

Thank you for posting that Susan Boyle has an album out. I wondered what happened to her.

Dana Mentink said...

Oh I know. That Susan Boyle video still gives me chills.