Wednesday, November 25, 2009

taillights and mercy

Okay, it happened again.

This is Barbara Phinney, beloved mother of a seventeen year old driver's license equipped son.

Yes, my son has had his license for 18 months.

And dented, crashed, banged up our cars three times.

He's still paying us for one incident, and yesterday, he did it again. It was only the taillight and he'll pay for that, regardless of the cost those parts dealers charge. But he had the gall to say, "Well, when you sell me the little car next year, I'll probably take better care of it."

He will?

I'll believe it when I see it.

But the odd thing is, what happened around this incident. I was working at his school, a small Christian school, and he'd dropped me off there, then taken his sister to her classes at university. He'd returned with the news that he'd backed into another vehicle.

Then, it was on the phone to his father, our neighbourhood mechanic, and then off to Chapel.

There, we learned of David, whose Godly character trait was honest. David was that, after misbehaving, and then being told off by Nathan. He was honest, confessed his sins and received forgiveness.

As my son had. I told him so after Chapel.

But on the way home, I told him if he keeps this up, he'll owe his parents his firstborn.


Another child like him?

What have I done, asking for that? At my age? Knowing what I know of my son?

Maybe I need to ask forgiveness, in case the Good Lord decides to give me what I so sarcastically told my son I wanted.

So, mums and dads out there, when your child walks into the house with pieces of a taillight in his hands, remember to show mercy, and above all...

Cash only!


Lisa Mondello said...

LOL I'm sorry, Barbara. I can so relate to post!! My son had his own car for a total of 8 months. He paid $100 for it and my husband spent weekends with him fixing it up. My husband was really excited about how good the engine was running and how good a first car it really was. But I warned him that my son doesn't think of the car the same way he does and don't be disappointed if he abuses it. Well, as I said, my son had the car for 8 months then decided to junk it for some small problem. He got his $100 back. A few days later my neighbor saw someone driving the car a few towns over. Let's just say that my son left the car with a few tell-tale spray-painted markings that made it unmistakable and leave it at that. Will your son take care of it when it's his own care? I hope so! Have a wonderful holiday!

Barbara Phinney said...

Lisa, our sons are alike. Their priorities are quite different than ours, right?
Today, he went to the provincial legistlature to meet our Premier, (It's like your governor) on a school trip, and they were borrowing that same vehicle, (complete with tuck tape holding the taillight together.)
Well, thsi morning he walked downstairs with his pillow. Called it his Anti-conversation device.
(Their teacher had told the students to leave the electronic listening devices at home).

PamelaTracy said...

Barbara, loved your post. I used my babysitting money to buy my first car and dad forced me to by a 57 station wagon (it had fins, it was so old!) He said, "You'll hit a wall. I just know it."

Who knew there was a wall in the middle of that public park. I hit it. Guess what. Didn't hurt the car at all. Did you know that the State can make you pay for repairs to a damaged wall.

Barbara Phinney said...

Pam, that's hilarious! I can just imagine that huge boat of a car not getting damaged at all. I think those things were built like tanks with kids in mind!
Can you imagine the government asking for money to repair a wall! LOL! Like they don't know kids, or hey, maybe they do!

Project Journal said...

Hey Barabara!
Sorry about your car : O

I'm 17, had my permit for 1 1/2 years and have had my licsense for almost a year. I haven't hit anything!! *knock on wood*

Quick funny story...last year(December 21st to be exact) was the day I was going for my licsense test. I made it through the whole test(slid a bit once because of the lovely Vermont winter weather), but I was feeling like I had done okay. I was back in the DMV's parking lot when all of a sudden... *BAM* a pick-up truck backed into me! The instructor was still with me and was SO mad! I was freaking out because it my test AND my mom's car : / She made me go get my mom. So, now mom's freaking out too! The instructor is like "Mom, go park the car" then "You *points at me* come with me" and marched inside. Ahhhh! I was so nervous! We go inside and she's really mad at the other guy, thank goodness! Tried to reassure me that it definitely wasn't my fault or anything, luckily there was no damage to either car. "And, oh yeah, you passed with flying colors!" Woohoo!! It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, but at least I have a GREAT story to tell now : D

Hope you have a GREAT and peaceful Thanksgiving(with no more car wrecks!)!

Barbara Phinney said...

Great story, Hannah. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. We up here in Canada had ours last month.
And I have a daughter who hasn't yet dinged the car. Of course we all have little accidents. It's just that it's my son and my car and I need both of them!!

Project Journal said...

Sorry, Barbara! I wouldn't have said the Thansgiving thing if I realized you're in Canada : /

Maybe it's a girl thing(with the car thing)!! : D

Barbara Phinney said...

No problem, Hannah. In fact, our weather has been quite mild and it feels more like it should have a month ago. I'm not complaining, though!
It's your day to give thanks, so I hope you enjoy it. Where I live, Thanksgiving is always on a Sunday and many people take the time to go to their camps and cottages and go for walks etc.
I hope you can do something equally pleasant.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Project Journal said...

Glad to hear your weather is nice. It's freezing and raining in Vermont today : ) But it's just gonna get colder, that's what my mom says.

We have already had Thanksgiving lunch. Later, we will go back to grandma's house for leftovers for dinner.

Hope you're having a nice relaxing day even without the holiday!

SketchGirl said...

I wiped out my first new car in two years it didn't seem to like it nose and eventually no more reconstruction could be done. Now I'm way more cautious with my 2nd car and it drives my brother crazy and I tell him I want to keep this car!