Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out, you winter, out!

Will this winter ne'er end?
Okay, so shoot me for misquoting Shakespeare's Macbeth. But I've got to tell you, it's getting a bit much here. That lump is our octagonal picnic table. Now compare it to seven months ago.

Winter has its pretty moments. But they get a bit tired after days of shoveling.
Does our faith get tired, too, after days of praying and seeing nothing but the need to pray some more?
Yes, it does, but we must remember to 'never cease in doing good, especially to fellow Christians.'
This past weekend, we discovered that the man who hit our son's car, and who is taking it to the insurance company, left his registration and insurance card in our car. And me, being tired of shoveling, praying and doing good, wanted to do something not very Christian back.
I'm not perfect, I admit that.
But I knew as soon as the suggestion left my mouth that it was wrong. We'll return the cards, and let whatever happens, happen.
There will be more storms, more shoveling, more praying needed. I just hope that I do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season, I will reap if I faint not. (Gal 6:9)


Dana Mentink said...

Well I gotta say, I admire anyone who can survive in snowy conditions. I'm from nothern, CA and if it gets down to 30 degrees we throw up our hands and lament. Hoping spring comes soon!

Leann said...

Barbara, the main point was you thought of keep the insurance and license, but didn't. We're all tempted. It's the human condition. It's what we do with the temptation that matters.

Lisa Mondello said...

I'm not going to complain anymore. Although that does look very much like my deck, I'm sure you guys further North have it worse than here in Massachusetts. Hugs!

Barbara Phinney said...

Thank you everyone for commenting. Yes, I am sick of the snow, and we're due to get more on Friday, when I had hoped to get out to visit fellow LI author Linda Hall, and our other writer friends.
Leann, ooh, I am often tempted. My daughter just came home to say that a friend of her grandmother's called her foolish for getting married before she'd finished her degree. She also berated her enough for my mummy hackles to rise and want to call the woman to tell her off.

Debby Giusti said...

Oh, Barbara, your deck and surrounding area look beautiful, even with the snow. :)

I'm in sunny Georgia--temp in the high 60s today. Yesterday was 70 something. Amazing and so, so nice. Of course, it won't last.

PamelaTracy said...

What's that white stuff?

Barbara, I'd be tempted to. Years ago, my friend Felicia and I went to see Reba in concert. Behind us was a young couple with a toddler who kicked the chairs of those of us in front of him all evening. Dirty looks, nice requests, nothing stopped that toddler. His parents tried, but he was too young to be at a long concert. He kicked Felicia's chair, and his foot got caught between her seat and the one next to her. She, in the darkness, pushed his foot out and in the process, took his shoe. She promptly threw it off the balcony. Our row all applauded. Sometimes, you just wonder how far to let yourself be pushed.