Monday, July 18, 2011


I've had it! I can't walk in my office! I'm cleaning!


So, over the Fourth of July, my family (extended, we're talking nephew, grandpa, grandpa, brother in law, sister in law, dog in law - well you get the picture) and I go camping in beautiful Greer, Arizona. (Yes, we went after the fire, which meant we had quads we couldn't ride, fishing poles we couldn't bait, etc).

When I came home, the bookcase in my office had finally given in to pressure. More than 500 books had tumbled to the floor.

My husband just shook his head and said, "Time to get rid of some of them."

He's right.

So, now I'm doing major cleaning. Not just of books (Should I get rid of the books Candy Stripers that I read when I was fifteen?) (And, no, I'm not talling you how long ago that was!)

Since I'm on a tangeant, I'm also getting rid of papers and do-dads. I'm getting rid of homework from the 1980's (boy has my grammar improved). I'm getting rid of cover flats from the 1990's (boy I've got thousands of cover flats. Maybe I should wallpaper?)

Here's the thing, since the books fell and were scattered all over my office, I've been having trouble writing. I think I've figured it out. I'm blocked by all this clutter.

Hmmm, you know, I've not used the exercise bike in years... should I get rid of it?


EllenToo said...

I don't know how many cover flats you have or how big they are but I think using them as wall covering would be a good idea. But then I am the person who has been pinning post cards from authors to the wall in my laundry room/storage room. Of course I live alone so nobody can complain about it.

PamelaTracy said...

I actually frame a cover flat for each book. I'm just amazed at how much paper I have in this paper-less era.