Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What do you mean, it's wrong?

Have you ever registered for some blog or board or such and they ask you to write in the numbers and letters in that little box?
You did, right? Well, more often than not, they, (those big 'they's' out there) keep telling me I'm wrong. It just happened this morning as I tried to join the Kindle publishing board. After all, I have 8 books available on Kindle. And I should be able to successfully register on something out there.
Sure my fingers are dyslexic sometimes but if I slow down, peer hard and carefully craft the letters and numbers, I expect the same respect back from that big machine in cyber space.
It doesn't respond in kind.
So I try again. I'm wrong again. I try listening to it, and if that actually works, I still get it wrong.
By this time, I'm usually ready to pound out "#@^$^&##^$#&(&^" or something equally rude, but I restrain myself and only scream at the computer, which often brings my daughter running.
Oh, no, she's not looking out for my welfare. She's come to laugh at me. Like that big machine in cyber space is doing.
"Hee hee, let's see how mad we can make Barbara!" I can still hear them. (user friendly is such an oxymoron)
Then I calm down, remember that God is probably telling me to get off the computer and do something else.
Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I dig my heels in. Most often I am not that successful.
But I do win.
I put the computer on defrag. It's like pushups for computer disobedience.
It's stupid, goofy, and useless, but it makes me feel better.


PamelaTracy said...

I hate typing in the funny-looking letter/number combinations.

Barbara Phinney said...

I hate it when they squish them all together!

Leann said...

Okay, Barbara, I am dyslexic and typing those letters or numbers is a challenge. But my weakness is when someone on the phone gives me a number, I never write it correctly.