Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Easing into the week...

I'm thrilled Pam invited me to post on this blog. It gives me a great way to connect with readers, especially when the characters in my book tell me they want to do something I haven't planned on them doing. Okay, I know it's fiction. But it happens!

I'm really excited to tell you about my November 2007 release from Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense called Cradle of Secrets. Although I've published 7 books, Cradle of Secrets is my first romantic suspense and it gives me a great way to blend two things that I love. Romance and suspense! In Cradle of Secrets, Tammie Gardner discovers at the age of 27 that the people who raised her are not her biological parents. In fact, when she travels cross country and meets Dylan Montogomery, former Marine and Chicago Cop who is searching for his missing brother, she's not even sure if she was adopted at all! All small towns have secrets and Eastmeadow has its own. I'll have more teasers for Cradle of Secrets in the months to come as well as cover art.

If all goes well, the Steeple Hill editors will like the next proposal my agent, Michelle Grajkowski, has just sent into to them. The working title on that book is Desperate Secrets. (Are you seeing a theme here? I love secrets!) It features Dylan's kid sister, Sonny, and a seriously handsome bounty hunter who tracks Sonny down in Columbia. More on that later.

For now, I must run. I have Elton John on my Sony MP3 player and I must finish up a Young Adult book I'm writing with my 15 year old daughter. It's my first collaboration with my daughter and it's been a blast!

Many blessings to you all!


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PamelaTracy said...

Lisa, what fun. I agree. Secrets need to be shared in romantic suspense. I enjoyed reading how you're writing a YA with your daughter. If I wrote with Mikey, we'd have to have Thomas the Train as the hero.