Saturday, May 19, 2007

First Time and Lost

Well, I've spent my morning trying to figure out this blog stuff. (Did you know that when a cat walks over your keyboard and steps on the keys it messes things up). Basically, I want to become Samantha Stevens, twitch my nose, and have the blog site of my dreams appear. (I write romantic suspense, I never really saw Darren as much of a hero. Now, put Samantha with someone like, say, Mel Gibson, and you've got a hit). It will, of course, impress the masses and spiral not only my career but the careers of my fellow bloggers (whoever they may be) to fame and fortune.

Wait, fame isn't always a good thing - think Paris Hilton. Fortune certainly didn't make Howard Hughes happy. So, maybe I'll settle for fa... and fo... Faith and Forward. This blog touts my faithbased suspense novels, and this blog is an effort to get my career moving forward. Unfortunately, because I didn't drop any pearls of wisdom here, I've probably bored you all and you'll twaddle off to read the morning newspaper and find out all the news: woman surprised to find bullet lodged in head from 64 years ago... or what's in our oceans.

I write about bullets. There are bullets in my latest Love Inspired Suspense Pursuit of Justice. there are homemade bullets in my next Love Inspired Suspense Price of Redemption. Since I write about where I live, Arizona, there are no oceans. In Price of Redemption, however, I did have a wash. No, not with a handtowel and soap, but we're talking run-off.

Time to sign off and go figure out if this post actually went anywhere, and then how to add my fellow suspense bloggers.

Have a great day!
John 3:16
Pamela Tracy

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