Monday, February 25, 2008

Hands Across the Novel: The Hero

Yes, I'm picturing you eagerly sitting in front of your computers waiting for the next segment of Hands Across the Novel. Some of you are holding coffee cups up in greeting, others are holding soda cans, others are holding their heads. LOL. Nah, characterization is not that hard.

We're going to go back to the beginning. Yup, Cinderella. For the last few weeks, we;ve spent all our time on her. But guess what, today's romance reader is just as interested in him. The picture book is very one sided, as is the television cartoon. Today's romance reader is all about Ever After and knowing the hero's T=C+DC. Still, we're not going to do Ever After. We will be doing the picture book, because while the hero's motivation was muted, it was there. And as writers who want fleshed out and interesting chapters, it's important to plan.

What? You didn't know Prince Charming had glasses. What? You didn't know Prince Charming looked like your husband. What? You didn't know Prince Charming looked like your wife!

Okay, okay, make fun of my limited graphic choices. hehehe.

Your assignment today is to dissect Prince Charming. Now, you get a little bit of poetic license. You can add what you 'think' really happened, but you cannot add a whole new twist. (In other words, you cannot make Prince Charming a time traveling undercover narcotics officer out to bust Cinderella's sisters.) You must stay true to the storybook plot.

Dissect Prince Charming. Post your dissection in the comment section if you want. Since you cannot write this story (already done, got the T-shirt) start looking at class and distinguishing character points that you missed that you now want. Look at class and distinguishing character points that you wouldn't put in your story (the one you're not writing) and figure out why. See if you change your mind on any points.

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Debby Giusti said...

Now that you mention it, I'm seeing Prince Charming wearing black glasses. Maybe his hair is a little disheveled, and he needs a shave. Nice to have a different take on an old hero!