Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Promotional Tools

Promotion is one of the many responsibilities of a writer. I know what you’re thinking, shouldn’t the publisher be responsible for promoting the books they sell. And the answer is yes. Publishing houses put money behind the books they sell through various forms of promotion and advertising. But as a writer, we too must do our part. Though the questions you have to ask yourself are: What are you comfortable doing? How much time and energy can you spare from writing for promotional purposes? And what return will you receive from your promotional efforts?
I’m really bad at promotion. I do have business cards, I do included links in my signature for all my emails to this blogspot and a website that I belong to. www.loveinspiredauthors.com I’ve done postcards and mailed them out, handed them out and sent to various RWA chapters to be given out. I give workshops occasionally, but I’m not that comfortable with public speaking (this is something I hope to improve on) and I have guest blogged on various sites.
The two places I’ve used for postcards and my business cards are Kinko’s and Vista Print. Vista Prints has some great promo freebies and well priced items. www.vistaprint.com
I’ve taken my covers to Kinko’s for postcards. They have been reasonably priced and good quality.
I send out a newsletter twice a year to my reader mail list. I also try to answer my reader mail, though I must confess not in as timely a manner as I would prefer.
I’ve included web addresses for two other suggestions for promotional items that I haven’t tried but may someday.
If you have any suggestions for promotional tools, please share!

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Anonymous said...

i'd suggest the business cards, postcards, letterheads, and envelopes from PrintsMadeEasy as well, they're all customizable and the shipping is amazing as well, I got my cards the day after I ordered them