Friday, February 8, 2008

Red Herrings and Tales of Shocking Mystery and Suspense

Every mystery and suspense lover knows that part of what makes a book good is how well the author hides those red herrings interweaved in the story. When I watch mystery and suspense movies on TV I always watch for the red herrings. My family gets so annoyed with me. "See that knife? Someone is going to get stabbed." Okay, so that's an easy one. Honestly, I'm good at picking them out. And while I always enjoy a good story, I know I'll enjoy it much more if the author shocks me!

I love reading books and watching movies that totally shock me. Remember The Sixth Sense? I was blown away when I learned Bruce Willis's character had been dead the whole time. When my mother read Cradle of Secrets, she called me midway through the book to tell me who she THOUGHT the villian was and how the story was going to end. I just smiled and said, "Keep reading, ma!" I love the reader mail that I've received telling me they thought the villian was one person and I managed to trick them. I wish they could see my smile of satisfaction. I totally love it.

I aim to do that in every mystery/suspense book and it got me to thinking, what great mystery and suspense books am I missing? So I'm putting this out to all of you readers. What book have you read that totally shocked you. Did you see the ending coming? Did the book keep you so riveted because of the twists and turns in the story brought you in a direction you didn't think it was going to go? If so, tell me about it. I've love to share opinions of your favorite books.

Until next time, many blessings to you all,

Lisa Mondello

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