Thursday, February 5, 2009

Growing into the Killing

The first thing I ever tried to write was a biography of Daniel Boone. His story captureed me because of the wilderness adventure blended with his romance with his wife Becky. I was only seven, but already fascinated by characters. I created any number of imaginary playmates, including Trixie and Dixie, the twins who ran the gas station (aka the sand mound between two Southern pines) where I “fueled up” my bike. By ten, Robin Kane had caught my imagination, along with the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Power Boys.

I returned to romance in my teens, then a few advanced English courses convinced me that I should aim “higher” – even though I wasn’t sure what that meant. I tried mainstream short stories, science fiction, and non-fiction. I sold a few pieces and worked a lot at the day job.

Finally, in a “trust your gut” moment, I took a chance on an old romantic suspense story . . . and it sold to Steeple Hill. I’m been pushing that plan, which seems to be His plan, ever since. My third book, The Taking of Carly Bradford, releases in May, and the fourth, Field of Danger, in November.

In romantic suspense, I’ve found the perfect home for the gifts God has given me. It helps that I love building suspense in a story while coaxing the hero and heroine a bit closer together. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m entranced by forensics and investigation techniques as well as the astonishing ways people find to hurt or kill each other. I never stop asking “Why?”

Or dreaming about the next murder mystery, and the intriguing hero and heroine who will be working together to solve it.


Margaret Daley said...

I love the cover--very intriguing.

Lisa Mondello said...

Isn't it great when you find yourself comfortable in your writing home? And I agree. Love the cover.

Abi said...

I love the Love Inspired Romance Suspense books. This one sounds most intriguing.

mez said...

The cover is very chilling...I can just imagine the awful feeling of finding sandals but no Carly!