Thursday, February 19, 2009

murder and mercy

When the Barbour started up their mystery club, a few folks were startled that their Christian cozy mysteries had murders in them. How can killing fit into an inspirational book? The question amuses me because the most inspirational book of all, the Bible, is full of violence. As a matter of fact, the world is full of violence, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why we desperately need our Christian faith to give us something to hang onto in this treacherous world. So why put a murder in a Christian fiction book? Because it allows for the expression of that rock solid faith amidst the backdrop of spine tingling uncertainty. Faith doesn’t keep us out of trouble, and our books should reflect that fact. Plus, I need to confess, I do enjoy delivering that firm stroke of justice that often escapes evildoers in this life. In Christian suspense, you know the bad folks will be punished. You know spirits will be redeemed and the protagonists will wind up in a reasonably happy relationship. It’s what people long for in their day to day lives and we authors are blessed enough to deliver it in the pages of our books. Life and death, heartache and happiness, blend together in a soul satisfying read.


Margaret Daley said...

Dana, I think faith fits well into suspense and mystery books. That's when you need faith when you are in the middle of trouble.

Dana Mentink said...

I agree totally, sister.

Philip A. Kledzik said...

I appreciate your use of murder in your Christian mysteries. Have you had negative responses from "Church World"? The reason I ask is because I have recently published a novel that clearly directs people to Christ but does contain somewhat graphic material. What has your response been?

Debby Giusti said...

Hi Dana,
You're so right about killing in the Bible! I usually kill off a few folks in my stories. And enjoy doing so! :) Of course, good always triumphs over evil.