Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Not Really Here

It didn't dawn on me until I was going down my to-do list that I had Memorial Day as a blog day. Nope. There I was, sitting at my computer (deleting all the junk mail: no I don't want 29 flowers for just 15.99. No I don't want a Criminal Justice degree from an online collage that misspelled college, no I don't want to buy online drugs or wigs or anything else) and I looked over at my calendar. This is really all Barbara Phinney's fault. See, she posted about camping last Wednesday, and I figured that was a nudge for me to start my to-do list for camping. We leave tomorrow. I think a writer's to-do list for camping is different than anyone else. Husband: mow lawn; Wife: write blog in advance. Husband: pack food; Wife: pack laptop. Well, you get the idea. Then, there's camping. Husband: sleep late; Wife: get up early and write. Husband: eat big breakfast: Wife: wish there was a toaster for my poptart! Together: quad ride. Then... Husband: nap; Wife: write. Of course, we have a four year old, so I can add one more thing. Husband: sleep late; son: sleep late; Wife: get up early and write. Husband: eat big breakfast; Son: make a mess at breakfast. All this surely means that God has blessed me this Memorial Day.


Margaret Daley said...

My idea of roughing it is a two star hotel. Have a great Memorial Day.

Ramona Richards said...

Sounds to me like you've been truly blessed! I wish I could convince my daughter to sleep late, but her being up means I get an early start on the editing and writing, too. I hope you have a great camping trip and truly get some of that writing done.

Edna said...

I hate camping, it would not be so bad if you didn't have to come back home and unpack everything, wash everything, and all that junk. My idea of camping is going to a nice Hotel, eat out every meal and just be lazy, it is just too much work to camp. LOL
Have a great time.


Becca Dowling said...

I grew up camping with my folks and sibs. It was the way we traveled as a family too. Lots of nostalgia over the idea of camping. But, after traveling self-catered in Ireland, there's just something about the comforts of home while traveling. Without the fuel costs of an RV too!

The last time my hubby, daughter and I went camping, it stormed, the tent leaked, while an unhappy neighbor cursed at his wife at the top of his voice all night long. NOT fun. Hubby will have a difficult time talking me into camping any time soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.


Debby Giusti said...

Have fun!!! Stay dry!!! It's been raining almost non-stop in GA! Wishing you sunshine and blue skies.

PamelaTracy said...

Well, we arrived Thursday to rain. It rained all day Friday and most of Saturday. Sunday, it cleared up a little. Monday was good. Then, home today. Still, we had fun. Mikey played in the mud. I didn't pack enough socks. We rain out of water. Yup, hard to believe what with four days of rain! Me, I wrote five pages. That's an average of one page a day. We had a great time.