Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Unofficial Kickoff to Summer And...

What it means to a writer.
Last Monday we in Canada celebrated Queen Victoria's birthday. Most of us get the day off, but just as importantly, it's the unofficial kick off to summer. I hear that many in the US think the same way about Memorial Day.
Take my brother in law for example. To him, summer means barbecuing. He serves up grilled chicken and those delicious sausages with cheese in them, and juicy homemade hamburgers. To him, summer has started. Gotta love a guy like that!
To me? I'm a writer. I'll have my head deep in murder and mystery and like Margaret said earlier this week, deadlines.
I have two deadlines this summer. I'll be attending a big writers' conference this too. And I want to write a devotional.
It's going to be hard. We have a short camping season here, and I love to camp.
Well, I've got it solved. I'll burn the midnight oil during the week, and when we camp on the weekends, I'll lounge in a folding chaise, with sunglasses and a cold drink and grunt out the occasional word in my sleep to my fanily and friends, just to show them that I'm listening and not sleeping.
Of course the ruse will be up when I sleep through the aforementioned barbecue.


EllenToo said...

For 35 years Memorial Day always meant the beginning of summer to me because at last I was free of the classroom and teenagers for three months. I always had a trip planned for the week after school was out. Now I can start summer anytime since I retired.
Sleeping through the barbecue will definitely give everyone the hint that you are asleep but with all those delicious smells I don't how you could sleep through it.

Edna said...

Memorial Day used to mean a lot to me also, but now every day is a vacation, since I do as I please, all my kids are gone, my hubby is always outside doing something, not it is gardening/ We don't cook out because it is not worth it for just 2. Our kids all have kids with kids so they have their own family outings, and we are just 2 old people that get in the way so we are not invited very much, can't even get them together for Christmas. Any May God be will all of you and have fun but stay safe.