Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where do you Read?

Okay, we went camping over Memorial Day (see Monday's post). I've learned from being in a family of men, that I should take a book everywhere. Yup, even on 50 mile long quad rides. See, the men stop, they throw rocks in ponds (I'll do this). They catch snakes (I won't do this and keep in mind some of the men are really boys, or at least men who are boys at heart) and they'll nap... right on the quads. Me? I can only throw so many rocks. Snakes, not scared of them... will touch them... but why? Naps? Give me a bed. So, I take a book. Here's a picture of me reading Ginny Smith's Scent of Murder. I am in the middle of nowhere and love it (both the nowhere and the book).

Where do you like to read?


Debby Giusti said...

Love your camping photos!!! And I admire your outdoors' spirit. I get poison ivy. Enough said! :)

My dream is to finish all the books piled on my night stand. There's never enough time.

Favorite place to read? Sitting under an umbrella on the beach, hearing the sound of the waves lapping onto the shore, gulls cawing overhead, a soft breeze, a diet cola at my side, loved ones around me ... that's my dream read!

EllenToo said...

I have never really enjoyed camping (reason-any bug bite creates an allergic reaction) but I did a lot of it when I was in Girl Scouts. Now my favorite place to read is in my recliner in the living room. I am much safer there than outside.

PamelaTracy said...

I like the beach more than the forest (because of the tan). I like the recliner more than the forest (because of the air conditioner?)

Holly said...

Anywhere and everywhere! But I especially enjoy it when I take my youngest son to Legoland California or SeaWorld. He can spend hours building legos and I can spend that time reading my favorite author or a new one I'm "checking" out.

PamelaTracy said...

I've been thinking of taking my four year old to LegoLand. Thanks for reminding me!

Edna said...

I like to read in the bed at night, everything has to be quite. It used to not be this way but since I have gotten old that is the only way I can concertrate.