Thursday, July 16, 2009


I love July. I celebrate my birthday in July along with my father, my daughter, and my husband. My daughter’s, my husband’s and my birthday all fall within four days of each other. It’s usually a big blow out. When my daughter was younger, her birthday was the main celebration.

July 4 is also America’s birthday which is celebrated with a big blowout. And although it is celebrated with parades, barbeques, and fireworks, it is much more. It’s a time when we stop and think of those brave men and women who came before us and built this nation with their blood and sacrifice. I just watched the musical 1776, again. It is one of my favorites. There are really no tunes in it that you can hum or have become a hit apart from the movie, i.e. The Egg. It’s a great song about whether our national bird should be an eagle, a dove or a turkey? Ben Franklin thought the national bird should be a turkey. Maybe that kite thing had a bit more of an effect than was originally thought.

But to think what those men and women did is amazing. And although our forefathers didn’t get it completely right, they were so far beyond their time, they deserve our respect and admiration.


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