Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Heat

It is HOT here in Oregon this week. Temperatures up into the high 90's. Though yesterday it tipped over 100! For some places around the country, that's not high, but for us its awful. Most days in Oregon are temperate, in the 50-60 range. Colder in the winter months but still manageable. This heat however is doing us in. We don't have air conditioning because we only need that for a week or so in the summer and we didn't want to go to the expense of putting on in for such a short amount of use. But today I sure wish we had air conditioning. We did buy two standing units that help cool the rooms they are in. Unfortunately, my office is not one of them. Ugh!
So yesterday to get out of the heat, I took the kids to the movies but even there it wasn't that cool. We will probably head to the gym today. They keep the place very cool.
What do you do when its hot out? Any tips would be appreciated!


EllenToo said...

I sure hope you find an answer to your question about cooling off. I live in an area of the country where we run the AC most of the year. But I do remember (vaguely) when I was a really young child that my parents turned on a fan and had it blowing over a bucket of ice. Otherwise all I remember from childhood (time before AC) is sitting on the front porch with a fan blowing.

Carol Steward said...

Ellen, that's funny, my father-in-law used to do that, too!

Fans do help, as does spritzing yourself with some cool water. Drink plenty of water or cold drinks. Once in the 80's when we lived in North Dakota (100degrees and 100% humidity along the Missouri River, and went to an Oil Baron's banquet in June, and the air conditioning went out in the hotel. Crazy people kept bringing out caraffe's of wine and pitchers of beer. BAD, bad, bad! Not only was everyone tipsy, the alcohol made the body temp go up.

So don't splurge on alcohol for sure!

By the way, here in Colorado, we're the opposite, we're enjoying a 75 degree day here today, and we're normally in the 90's this time of year. We've only had 6 days above 90 this summer. We don't miss it a BIT.

God bless!

Terri Reed said...

Ellen, hmmm, I may try the ice bucket and fan. Thanks for suggesting it.
Carol, spritzing with water is also a good tip. I'll have to run to the store to get some kind of spritzer.
It topped 105 and predicted to be the same until the weekend. Ugh! Its too hot to sleep even.
I think I'll take the kids to the ice rink today.

Linda said...

Run the sprinkler and run through it, go to the pool or lake, turn on a fan if you have one handy, eat ice cream...