Friday, July 17, 2009

Bugged by the Ladies

Consider the humble ladybug, my friends.Less than a quarter inch long, silent and stoic and more than likely unnoticed in your yard. Let's take a moment to look at some powerful lessons that writers can learn from these tiny ladies.

Number One: Be productive. Oh I know. You've only got two hands to juggle your job, children, marriage, pets, mortgage, et cetera and you're running as fast as you can. There's simply no time for writing in your life. But think about that tiny insect, no larger than your finger tip, that can crank out 1000 eggs in its short two year life span. How do they do that while scaring up aphids, perparing to hibernate and avoiding hungry birds? Ladybugs are very focused (and not at all distracted by Facebook, Twittering and texting.) Take an hour and crank out 1000 words a day. You can do it. It's GOT to be easier than laying 1000 eggs.

Number Two: Grow and change. If only we hatched out of the womb with the genius of DaVinci and Wordworth's perfect prose. Alas. We start out as rough little buggers, cranking out the beginning products of a writing career that must grow and change over time. That beautiful red bug grew out of something much less attractive, let me tell you. In writing, as in life, there is a metaphorphosis, a process (one I hope my dear readers understand when they go back and read my first few books!)

Number Three: Small creatures can accomplish fantastic things. God made us small and weak but He also gave us each a gift to change our part of the world. With your words, you can touch people far away, with only black print on white pages. I'll bet you'd never think the lowly ladybug would be part of a space shuttle mission. That's exactly what happened in 1999 when ladybugs John, Paul, Ringo and George zoomed into space along with a boatload of aphids on a NASA shuttle mission. Know what? The ladybugs did what they were made to do and ate those aphids without the aid of gravity!

Did God give you the talent and drive to use words to change the world? Then go ahead ladies (and gentlemen.) Show the world what you've got!

When you're done hatching those thousand words, check out this stunning video. Power to the Ladies!

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