Monday, August 31, 2009


What are you afraid of? I can tell you my cat is afraid of a plastic bag, especially one stuck around her as she is running. She was probably thinking it was going to get her. She hid behind the refrigerator with the bag still around her because she was afraid. She didn't come out until I moved the refrigerator and took the bag off her.

I'm afraid of snakes--even small ones. My husband can't stand wasps, but then he's been stung several times. Any time one gets into the house, I'm the one who has to go after it. Of course, if I see a snake, I make him take care of it. So what makes you quiver in your shoes?


PamelaTracy said...

I hate flying. Just the act of buying an airline ticket starts the roiling fear.

GunDiva said...

Wet hair. Makes me gag and throw up. Snakes, mice, spiders, wasps, I'm all good with, but even one wet hair and I'm done in. The shower drain? Well, that's why we invented professional strength Drano, just so I don't have to touch the stuff!

Lynette Eason said...

Okay…I’m afraid of fear. Dumb. I know that, thank you. I hate being afraid. So I just refuse to be. I don’t say that I’m afraid to do something, I just say, “I don’t do that.” Or “That’s just not something I’m interested in.”

1. Like roller coasters that go upside down.

2. Or flying. Yes, in planes.

3. Or camping anywhere that doesn’t say Marriott on the entrance and with maids that leave mints on my pillow. (Okay that doesn’t scare me, I just hate bugs and hair that dried without the help of 1600 watts.) Actually the hair thing would be kinda scary.

4. The thought of my laptop dying pre-backup absolutely terrifies me.

5. The thought of having to go back to teaching is enough to bring on the hives and hyperventilating.

6. Missing a deadline. I did that in a dream once. Wasn’t pretty.

7. Finding typos after my author copies arrive so I NEVER read the story after I’ve turned in the final proofs. (I’ve found I don’t have to, readers make sure I know about every stinking error. Oh well. I’ve learned to face this fear with dignity and not respond with, “Who freaking cares at this point? I’m written three books since that one and don’t even remember what the one you’re talking about is about!!”)

8. Telling a joke in front of a group of people I’m speaking to and having them stare at me with pity on their faces.

9. Getting my shampoo mixed up with the dog shampoo. (Yeah, they’re on the same shelf.)

10. Not being able to come up with a number 10 because 9 things to be afraid of is UNEVEN.

Margaret Daley said...

I'm right there with you, Lynette, about teaching and camping.

Barbara Phinney said...

Spiders and dentists. Had too many creepy crawlies on me, and was thrown and locked into a supply closet by a dentist once.

Project Journal said...

That picture scares me! : /

Hate snakes, always have.
A fear of being alone.
A fear of disappointing my friends and family.
A fear of auditioning for Kiss Me Kate tomorrow! : )

I don't really know, but I think I could go on...

Lenora said...

Margaret, I dreamed about a snake last night. That picture is spooky!

Lenora :)

Valri said...

It would have to be snakes for me too! I've lived in Arizona for 5 years now and I never get used to seeing snakes! One day I woke up and outside my front door was a 5 ft. rattlesnake! You never saw someone dial 911 faster than me!

Linda said...

Yellow jackets. Hit a nest of them. Ouch,oh, ouch, ouch, etc.