Thursday, June 3, 2010

Choices, Trust . . . and Panic

Ramona here, and Liz’s post on Plan B set me to thinking . . . after all, it pretty much sums up my life, especially right now. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen a few posts about job interviews, selling my house, and my new “speaker” page.

If that sounds a little . . . um, “unfocused,” well, welcome to my world. When I was in high school, my brother – a very wise man – told me to take as many advanced courses as I could because, in his words, “You’re going to have a tough time deciding what to do, and education never hurt anyone.”

Did I mention he’s my older brother?

I entered college with a music major, which lasted about 20 minutes. In the next four years, I had five declared majors, including pre-med, mass communications, theater, political science, and English, which is the one I graduated with. I followed graduation with jobs in insurance and sales & catering, with editorial jobs in children’s books, magazines, secular trade books, fiction, Bibles, and curriculum. As a writer, I’ve published everything from book reviews and science fiction to Bible studies, not including five Love Inspired Suspense novels.

The choices may have been varied but not always easy. There have been many times when God has opened a door, only to have me gaze upward and say, “God, are you sure I can do this? I’ve never done it before.”

To which the response has always been, “Daughter, I’ve got your back. You can do anything. We can do anything.”

Varied. Unfocused. But God led. Now if I can just remember to take the right boat and not panic when I’m half way across the sea.

But, in truth, the choice isn’t which boat. It’s the choice to trust. And obey.


Debby Giusti said...

IMHO, trust is the big issue in this life. When I trust Him, things work out. When I don't, nothing seems to go well.

Trusting you'll step into the right boat.

PamelaTracy said...

LOL, I can't remember how many majors I had, but I'm thinking five sounds a bit right. I also did what statistically females do not do: I dropped out second semester junior year. If I remember correctly, I called my mom from the laundry mat across from Abilene Christian and said, "I hate accounting." I went back two years later and earned a degree in journalism which is certainly how I wound up teaching English. hehehehe

Deb is right, "Trusting you'll step into the right boat."

Jodie said...

Wow... You spoke straight to my heart with that one. Thank you.