Monday, June 14, 2010

Shrek The Final Chapter: A Grumpy Ogre

Pamela Tracy here. I'm trying to remember the last grown-up movie I saw. I'm thinking it was the Diane Lane/Richard Gere one: Nights in Rodanthe. I used to love movies. Now, when I go to a grown-up one (like Nights in Rodanthe) I sit in the audience and think about all the things I'd rather be doing (pretty sure I've not liked the last three movies I've seen). Kid movies are a bit different. Now that I have a five-year-old, I like kid movies (Okay, here's the truth. I've always liked kid movies).

Shrek The Final Chapter was a surprise on two levels.

Level One, my son made it all the way through the movie. We didn't make it all the way through How to Train Your Dragon. Mikey's reason: too loud. We didn't make it all the way through UP. Mikey's reason: A tornado followed by a chase scene with barking, mean-looking dogs: too scarey.

Level Two, it had a killer plot. I'm going to make my husband watch this one because I'm sitting in the audience and I wasn't thinking about what I'd rather be doing. I was thinking "They interviewed my husband for Shrek's part! How did they do that?"

See, in the opening Shrek is missing his old life as a single, grumpy ogre. He doesn't realize how wonderful his life is. LOL. No, my husband doesn't miss being single. But, sometimes I don't think he realizes how wonderful his life is. And, yup, lately, he's been a grumpy ogre.

Honey, if you read this, I was really desparate for something to write about.

Okay, okay, you do realize how wonderful your life is.
And, you know what, sometimes I'm guilty too. I don't realize how wonderful my life is.


Merry said...

Ah, can't we all fall into the grumpy ogre pit and forget how blessed we are! I'll have to check this movie out.

Project Journal said...

I agree, Merry. We can all fall into that category sometimes. Right now though it seems like it's easy to look back on everything and be thankful.

Last night was Senior Awards Night at school. I walked away with almost every scholarship I applied for (that I hadn't heard from already). The total amount was close to $6,000 total. I am SO thankful for having the perserverance to push through the application process and keep me strong. I'm also thankful that they chose me!

Terri Reed said...

Good job on getting through high school Hannah. And congratulations on the scholarship money. Every bit helps!

And I agree with you and Merry, that its certainly easy to lose sight of all the blessings when we're ducking life's curve balls.

PamelaTracy said...

Thanks for dropping by. I added the part about me being an ogre when I was doing my editing. Just trying to be honest.

PamelaTracy said...

Congrats! Major congrats! You are in for the most exciting time of your life.

PamelaTracy said...

Ogres eat curveballs.

Project Journal said...

Thanks you guys!! definitely is major. My school costs a mere $43,000 *wink* So, though this is barely a dent, it will help in the long run. I actually already had 2 scholarships, so my total for scholarships is about $7,500. Then, my school actually covered about half, so....I probably won't have to take out any loans for freshman year. That'll help in the long run! LOL!

PamelaTracy said...

I made it out of freshman year with little debt thanks to work study. Do they still have that? The college I teach at doesn't.

Project Journal said...

Yep, they do at mine. I'm eligible for $1000 this year in my work study. However, they give it to you, so it's up to the student to save it instead of spend it : )


PamelaTracy said...

They gave it to me, too, but I lived on campus and the two year college was in a tiny town in Nebraska. I was secretary for the English Department. My old boss would faint it he knew I became an English professor.
And, he fixed me up with the work study student who worked as a janitor.