Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A different kind of Thanksgiving--Lenora Worth

This will be a new kind of holiday for my husband and me. We're empty nesters now and since all of our family lives away, we will be alone on Thanksgiving. But we don't mind. We stay in touch with our two children and hopefully they will both be home for Christmas. We've decided rather than cooking, we'll go out and eat and maybe go to a movie. It will be nice to spend a quiet day together. We also have New Orleans Saints football on that day. They are playing the Dallas Cowboys. Any predictions on who might win? I'm cheering for the Saints, of course.

It's bittersweet to realize we have no one else with us on this holiday, but we did our job. We raised our children to the best of our abilities and now they are out there on their own. And while we'll miss relatives who are far away, we know we are loved. We've had several invitations to join others and we're blessed with good friends. But the idea of not fretting about cooking, cleaning and making sure everyone is happy is very appealing. There is something to be said for a quiet holiday where we reflect on our blessings, consider our ways and send up prayers for those we love. We are blessed. And that is the real Thanksgiving gift.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope wherever you are, you know that you are loved and appreciated.


Linda said...

We are in a similar situation due to weather conditions. I'll try to get a few friends who are widows. Otherwise, at this point, it's my hubby and I also. But I feel good about it all. Time for us.

Margaret Daley said...

Have a nice Thanksgiving with your husband.

PamelaTracy said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy.

Lenora said...

Surprise. Right after I set this to post I got a call from my son. He'd decided to come home after all! So I baked cookies and rushed out and found a turkey. I had everything else to put together a passable thanksgiving dinner. But we still might go out and take him with us! It's nice he's home but his room has been redone and his dad is working on his bathroom this week!