Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Love Inspired Suspense!

Good Morning!

I’m new to Love Inspired Suspense and I’m so excited to be a part of this fine group of writers! They’ve been so welcoming and supportive.

There’s nothing I love more than stories about belonging. Feeling part of a community is a fantastic experience, whether it’s at church, PTA, knitting club or neighborhood friends.

“Hidden in Shadows” is set in the small fictional town of Wentworth, Michigan. I used to vacation in Michigan as a child and have fond memories of our days spent at Michillinda Beach Lodge near Whitehall. While vacationing there – imagine no TV, or Internet! – every guest you passed greeted you with a warm and genuine smile.

The week included tennis and shuffleboard tournaments, a campfire sing-a-long and a talent show where proud parents watched their children become stars for one special night. The highlight of each evening was milk and cookies (chocolate chip!) in the lobby, followed by all of us wandering outside on the deck to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan. And for that one night this group of strangers became the closest of friends. I still keep in touch with my Michillinda friends Jen and Alan Dunham of Kentucky!

Luke and Krista’s story takes place in a charming, tight-knit town inspired by my visits to Michillinda. I hope you’ve found a nurturing community in your life.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

Hope White


Dana Mentink said...

Welcome, Hope! So glad to have you aboard. How has your experience been with LIS so far?

Ramona Richards said...

Hi, Hope. I hope you find the LIS community to your liking. I've loved it here, even though I'm still kind of a newbie. I look forward to your book. In the meantime, "Come on in, sit a spell, make yourself at home."

Barbara Phinney said...

Welcome Hope. I 'hope' to read your book soon!
Barbara Phinney

PamelaTracy said...

Welcome Hope,
So glad you're here!

Lenora said...

Hello, Hope. We're so glad to have you here. We love our suspense stories. And just to remind our followers, we'll be doing another of our "short suspense" blog stories toward the end of this month. A Thanksgiving treat for our readers.

Hope, your story sounds great!

Hope White said...

Thanks, all! Everyone's been so welcoming. I enjoyed writing "Hidden in Shadows" and was offered a contract for another LIS just last week! It's all so exciting.

Terri Reed said...

Hope, so glad you made it over here. We're happy to have you. Congratulations on the contract!

Debby Giusti said...

Your story sounds delightful! So does the Lodge you used to visit. No Internet? No TV? Amazing in this day and age! :)

Congrats on your second sale! YAY!!!

Lenora, thanks for mentioning our upcoming "continuing" saga of suspense. Can't wait!