Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remembrance Day

I know this is a bit early, posting about November 11th. But I wanted to give all of you the opportunity to plan to pause and remember them.
Here in Canada, we call it Remembrance Day. It was on November 11th in 1918, very early in the morning, the armistice was signed. Six hours later, at 11 a.m., the guns of the First World War went silent. They needed that time in order to get all notice of a cease fire out to all soldiers.
Nowadays, as our veterans of both w
orld wars dwindle in numbers, we often remember all our veterans of all conflicts and wars, and thank them for their contributions to peace. It is unfortunate that peace sometimes has to be made instead of kept, and I admire how the citizens of the USA proudly support their troops. But regardless of your feelings towards war, it is without a doubt the sacrifices made by these men and women that has allowed us to live in peace.
Next week, as November 11th draws closer, and then on that day, at 11 a.m., join a service somewhere and remember those who fought and died.


PamelaTracy said...

I really appreciate how you touched on peace has to be made instead of kept.

Ramona Richards said...

Barbara, I have the tri-fold flag from my dad's funeral displayed in my living room. Even though it had been a long time since he'd served in WWII, he never forgot that experience, so I figured I shouldn't either. Thanks for this post.

Lisa Mondello said...

It's amazing how we all have a unique story to tell about WWII. My in-laws lived through WWII Germany and then came to this country for freedom. It's a special day to remember and take the heart indeed.

Liz Johnson said...

Great post! Thank you for the reminder.

I think that this remembrance is one of the reasons that books about military men and women are so popular. Not only do they make great heroes on the pages of a book, they're heroes in real life, too.

Dana Mentink said...

Thanks for the reminder of a very important time in our history.

Barbara Phinney said...

Thank you so much for leaving a message, all of you. My father served in the Pacific War, one not talked about much where I live on the east coast, but just as important. But we also need to remember all the men and women who died for peace in so many conflicts around the world.
Thanks, ladies.