Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finished Another Book...Kind of

Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, I finished the first draft of Sandhill Dreams! Woohoo!

Let me tell you, it is a great feeling to type in the last word and then the final period. I have lived with this story for about five weeks. About six of every seven nights I would sit down to write. The characters felt like friends the further into the book I got. Many times I didn't even have to think about what the characters would do. I just knew.

Now the fun part...going back and adding layers, catching typos, making sure I wrote what I actually think I wrote. And the big one...filling in gaps. You see I have instincts as I'm writing. My mind keeps going over what's been written even as I continue to move forward. I have two dear friends who have read the book as it's been written and they've confirmed my suspicions about what needs to be enhanced and clarified.

Here's hoping the collaborative effort makes it my best book yet! I think it's a good one!

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