Saturday, July 7, 2007

Raising kids can be such a rewarding experience. It can also be quite frustrating. I have been blessed with 4 children ages 13, 14, 15 and 16. No, I didn't plan it out that way. Who in their right mind would have 4 kids that close together? My blended family consists of my two daughters and my niece and nephew, who my husband and I have been raising for the last 6 years.

I used to think that it was hard to try to write when the kids were babies. I needed to keep my eye on them all the time and it was hard to immerse myself in my stories with one eye on the monitor and the other on the kids playing around my feet. (If I was lucky. My youngest daughter had a way of defying every barrier I put in place.)
When they were old enough to play in their room, I still had to watch them constantly. I recall the day I went running into the bedroom after hearing a loud bang only to find my youngest (the daredevil) and my niece (her partner in crime) decided to strap their school backpacks on their backs and jump off the top bunk like they were parachuting. I told them they were going to hurt themself if they jumped off the bed and not to do it. They very sweetly promised they wouldn't (picture 4 and 5 year old girls with big blue eyes looking up at me) and then I left them to play. A few minutes later as I'd managed to get back into the scene I was working on I heard another loud bang! I ran to the bedroom and found my parachuters on the floor. My daughter looked at me proudly and said, "We didn't jump off the bed momma. We jumped off the bureau." No wonder there is so much gray hair underneath my Loreal haircolor.

I really looked forward to being able to work when they got older. Now that they are fairly self-sufficient (they can use the microwave and I don't have to watch them climb stairs) I figured I'd have loads of time to be able to write.

Well, now that schools out, I'm finding it more difficult than ever. It's almost worse now that they're older. The oldest and the youngest take pleasure in verbal boxing matches on a daily basis, with me playing referee. The other two seem to need me desperately just to choose the color of nail polish or lip gloss they should wear, and the oldest is convinced I know nothing and takes every opportunity to tell me so as he asks me to cart him all over town. (He's 16 and everything that comes with 16.)

I'm seriously considering going back to my old habit of writing during the middle of the night, hence the reason this blog is being written at 1:00 AM! The house is finally quiet, my beagle has claimed a spot on my bed, my ragdoll cat is curled at my feet and every so often gives my big toe a love bite to let me know she's there.

Now if only I could stay awake without caffeine, I'd be able to get some writing done. But alas, my one vice is my cup of coffee and I'm finally able to enjoy it now that I don't have to pick up anyone or settle any arguments.

I'm working on chapter 4 of the follow up book to Cradle of Secrets, which will be out 11/07. The next book had a working title of Desperate Secrets but the title is now Her Only Protector and will be out next summer. I'm having loads of fun writing this book. Unlike Cradle of Secrets, which is set in a small ficticious New England town, Her Only Protector is set in South America and is full of international intrigue and adventure.

For the next few months, I'll be burning the midnight oil on this book while the kids sleep. I'll be blogging in the middle of the night and if you happen to see me on line, IM me. I could use some adult conversation.

Until next time, many blessings, Lisa

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