Saturday, June 14, 2008

The dog days of summer

Okay, I know that picture isn't of a dog but all I have is my cats. This one is Ringo (named by my son who is a huge Beatles' fan) and this is usually what he does summer and winter. We need to take lessons from our pets about how to take it easy. He runs around about ten minutes then takes a nap. He eats then takes a nap. He drives me crazy with his whining (sounds just like a baby) then takes a nap. Not that I advocate sleeping all the time, but we really do need to learn to relax and take things a little less seriously. Look at the road rage. I want to shout at the person who is jumping out of his car to hammer the other driver, "Get over it. So he cut you off. Will it matter in ten years?" (Actually will it matter in an hour?)

So what kind of pet (or like my son pets) do you have? What have you learned from your pet? What has your pet given you? Mine have given me hours of pleasure. When I'm upset, holding one of my cats (usually the one that weighs less than ten pounds, not Ringo who's pushing twenty pounds) is calming. I read once that people who have pets live longer. I don't know if that's true or not, but I know they make me laugh with their antics.


emerald peacocks said...

I adore that picture!!! I don't have a pet currently, but I want two cats someday, a Scottish Fold(their ears fold over which makes them look really funny, and they have huge, expressive eyes)--named Fido--and a Ragdoll(yes, that's an actual breed; they're named that because they completely relax and flop in your arms like a ragdoll when you hold them)--named Mrs. Puddles. Folds make me laugh and remind me not to take life too seriously, and Ragdolls remind me to relax and let myself rest and trust in God's hands. I also love peacocks (hence the email address) and after working at it for a few years have finally been able to coax two of the peacocks at a local game preserve to eat out of my hand. How cool is that! Whenever I look at them, I think of the majesty and creativity of God.
I'd love to win the drawing and can be contacted at emeraldpeacocks at gmail dot com.

Ausjenny said...

I love the picture too and it makes me want a cat even more.
I my last cat died just under 3 years ago now and I still miss her. Horse was wonderful. she was a claytons cat. (the cat you have when you dont have a cat) she was the neighbours but they had boys who use to tease the poor baby. she lived here but went home for food. then they got a dog and we inherited her. She was so sweet. use to roll over and play cute. Of course she would sleep in her chair and i would go into the bean bag by the rire and She would come and share (sometimes more than her fair share.) she would do it with my chair too. She loved to be cuddle by my. She had some quirky habits like getting into any cupboard with
the door even slightly open. I would love a new kitten called Gilly but with mum being elderly it could be dangerous to her.

Margaret Daley said...

Thanks, Emerald and Ausjenny.

I love my cats.