Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have been doing a lot of research lately reading about different things like how to poison someone, about what will show up in an autopsy, FBI questions. I've called the FBI to talk to them, the medical examiner and various others to get the help I need. I am so thankful people are so willing to talk to a writer, but when I listen to the questions I ask different people, I have to laugh. I sound like I'm planning a murder and I am--on paper only for a book. But what I'm going through I wonder if a killer does the same things. It's a chilling thought--carefully planning a murder of someone. I've usually been able to put myself in people's shoes, but that one I can't. As you see, writers live in a weird world at times. Our imaginations are so vivid and we can go off in the strangest directions, especially if you are a suspense writer. Have a nice, tranquil weekend.


Ellen said...

What I'm wondering is if the FBI has done a background check on YOU and put you on their "look out" for list. Really how do they know you are really a writer and not someone planning a real murder?

Margaret Daley said...

I hope they checked my web site and saw the books I've written. I'm thinking they checked me out when I called them.

Debby Giusti said...

I agree with Ellen. Watch out, Margaret!!!

When my critique groups meets at the local sandwich shop in town, we always talk about murder and dead bodies. I often wonder how many people get worried when they overhear our conversations.