Saturday, January 31, 2009


The photographs Samantha Reid uncovers in her new store are shocking. Horrifying. And dangerous. This new evidence could reopen a decade-old multiple homicide case that someone wants desperately to keep closed. And when the evidence comes out, a reluctant Samantha is drawn straight into the spotlight. All the attention is wrecking her business—and drawing the killer's eye straight to her.

Then she meets Ryan Davidson, the last surviving member of the murdered family. In spite of herself, she's drawn in by his need to find the truth. Together, they work to unravel the mystery, while the killer works to keep the secrets buried—forever.

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Lisa Mondello said...

Oooh, this sounds like a fabulous book. I love cold cases that come back into the spotlight to be solved. One such local case is back in the spotlight where I live. Nine years ago a high school lifeguard named Molly Bish was murdered. And sixteen years ago a little girl name Holly was murdered. Just this week there was news the cases might be cracked. I hope they do it and it helps give peace to the family. I can't wait to pick up Evidence of Murder to read about these murders.