Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is the Suspense killing you?

Made you wait, didn't I? One day, I will get accustomed to my new blogging schedule. And one day, my house will be clean and I will cook a nice meal for my family. Are you laughing as hard as I am right now? Writing suspense is fun because it allows me to do things that I normally wouldn't do in real life, such as jump out of planes or chase bad guys. Okay, I have actually chased a few bad guys but just because they cut me off in traffic! Once I had a bit of a race with a semi-trailer truck on the Interstate. And I drive a Miata. Imagine me, zooming alone in a car that is like a "go-cart on steriods" as one friend called it and glaring up at this big monster truck, with a big monster trucker glaring back at me. Who do you think won that one?
I did pass him and zoom away with integrity and grace--or at least I hope that's how I looked. Anyway, in my books I can create scenes such as this and actually get away with doing it. Suspense is a challenge as a writer and requires a bit more research than most stories. You know, all those gadgets and secretive things are interesting to research and very valuable for making a story realistic. But I often worry about having to kill off characters. I guess it's better to do that in a book, however, than in real life!

But the suspense of life is what makes it exciting. Have you ever had something scary happen to you and then you laugh about it later. Or maybe you've had a truly scary event in your life that has made you feel more vulnerable and not so safe?
Sometimes, it can be fun waiting to see what's around the bend and other times, it can be very frightening. It was a dark and stormy night can apply to many things in life. But ... even in the worst of times we have to remember that God is our refuge and our strength. There is no suspense in faith, because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the unseen things that bring assurance and courage, rather than the unseen things that only bring worry and fright. I hope that even in times of great suspense, you can turn to God and know that He will be your strength and your shield. Oh, and if you happen to see a little blue Miata chasing a trucker on the Interstate, just throw up your hand and wave. That would be me, pretending to be a spy!

Lenora :)


Margaret Daley said...

I've done the same thing in my T-bird.
I think a lot of the suspenseful moments in my life are because of my vivid imagination making more of a situation than it is.

Debby Giusti said...

I just spotted a little blue Miata traveling along I85 North into Atlanta, Georgia. Was that you, Lenora? The driver was wearing real cute shoes!!!

All kidding aside, so glad you've joined the Craftie Ladies. We're fun and easy to work with . . . plus we like shoes.

SketchGirl said...

That brings a smile to my face. I picture this minature car competing with a giant Truck.

Lynette Eason said...

LOL Lenora. Thanks for the chuckle and vivid picture of you chasing the semi. Cute.