Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Learning Strength from others

I recently returned from a mission trip, where I met some great people. On this trip, we attended a crusade, where we met a young Argentine man who told the story of his life, one spiralling out of control until he finally allowed God to help him. That's courage, bravery. Strength. Exposing your vulnerabilities.
When I returned, and discovered I'd been selected to receive tickets to Regis and Kelly Live! on Prince Edward Island, I took the bravery I'd seen in South America and encouraged myself with it.
After the show, I gave Kelly Ripa's assistant, my August book, Silent Protector. He was impressed by the fact I was an author, and promised to give it to her.

Oddly, in this book, two people learn to trust God. That Argentine man learned to trust God. I should, too. The book's core message of love and trust and faith like a child might appeal to Kelly Ripa. But I know that whoever reads that copy, and I have faith that someone will, they'll find two people learning courage and strength. I saw courage in South America. I saw courage in my two fictional characters. I needed it that day, and found it in myself, as I walked up to the stage where Kelly and Regis were just wrapping up their last show on the Island. I know it will touch someone's life, and I pray Silent Protector will touch yours. There are so many out there who live difficult lives, and show their courage each day. Let's show ours. Let's trust God to show us the way to go.
Barbara Phinney


Liz Johnson said...

Way to go! That did take a lot of strength, but good for you for learning a little something from your characters. I hope Kelly reads it and loves it!

Barbara Phinney said...

Thank you so much Liz! I not only learned from my characters (In a way it's kind of like learning from your kids, isn't it? We should know better.) but I also learned so much from others I met this summer.