Friday, July 2, 2010

What's on your list?

Greetings from sunny California! Dana Mentink, here.

What’s the best thing about summer? Gorging yourself on books! What’s even better? Posting reviews on my blog of books that really float my boat. With very few exceptions, I generally hear from the authors, whether big name or small, who appreciate having their fine work recognized. Since I know how hard it is to write a book, I only write reviews for the books that in my opinion are a cut above. But Dana! That means you don’t write all those good, juicy hit pieces taking authors to task. You bet. I only write about the ones I loved. Sure it’s one sided, but it’s my blog and I do it my way! (Can you hear the music playing?) So here’s a list of the books I’ve read this summer. It’s a mixture of mystery, cozies, suspense and ‘miscellanous.’

So please add to the list. What’s a book that YOU’VE enjoyed this summer?

Skullduggery – an awesome mystery by Aaron Elkins featuring a man who can read a skeleton like a book. Fascinating!

Beguiled, by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand– interesting inspirational mystery about a dog walker.

Monk in Trouble – another excellent and hilarious mystery by Lee Goldberg.

Sprinkle With Murder Jenn McKinlay, fun and frothy mystery that will leave you craving cupcakes

Stirring Up Strife – A new series of inspy cozies with recipes included


Project Journal said...

I am SO glad you asked this question today! LOL! I have probably my number one book of recent reads...I finished it last night, it took me 4 days to read (over 400 pages)....The Last Child by John Hart. PHENOMENAL!!! I promise you will not be disappointed!

I've also enjoyed:
Vision in White by Nora Roberts

Critical Care by Candace Calvert

When the Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall

Cheryl Wyatt's books (as always, lol!)

I can always come up with books that I've loved!!

On my blog ( I have a weekly meme running that is WWW Wednesday (might be becoming Thursday now) that talks about current read(s), just finished, and what's next to read. It's a lot of fun!! Also, the books that I read for the Spring Reading THing are still up in my side bar.

GREAT topic today and timely for me too *wink*
Talk to you later,

PamelaTracy said...

What's a meme?

PamelaTracy said...

I think the best book I've read this summer is American Wife. It's faction and loosely based on Laura Bush.
I'm reading Linda Goodnight's The Wedding Garden right now. And, right now I'm reading A Home for Sophie, which is a SuperRomance by Roz Denny Fox. When I'm done, I'm reading a MIRA by Beth Ciotta.

SketchGirl said...

A series i've enjoyed this month is Heroes of Quantico by Irene Hannon. Thoroughly enjoyable mysteries. Had me on the edge of my set and just couldn't stop reading from start to finished

Dana Mentink said...

Excellent! Thanks for all of your comments. Now I have more books to add to my list. I'd better get busy.

Project Journal said...

A meme is something you do weekly. It could be anything, you could make up your own!

Most are about books and reading, I've found.

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