Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Comfort in the storm-- Lenora Worth

I don't have much to say today. My heart goes out to people all over the USA. We've had so many horrible storms this year. We've had flooding. We've had earthquakes in other parts of the world And while the world had not come to an end, it sure has taken a beating lately. This week I finished a work I'm progress, I'm proofing another one, I'm reading a book to offer an endorsement and I'm doing the usual marketing and promotional stuff. I'm trying to do the normal routine things but I find myself stopping to watch the news. I find myself stopping to pray. I shed a few tears. Then I go back to my make-believe world. Because sometimes reality bites. Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. Maybe that's why I love my happy endings so much.

What are you doing to cope during this cruel spring??


kmom54 said...

Iam remembering th AA prayer and trying to focus on what I can change not what I can't. I am remembering that no matter how I perceive my world, God IS in control. I am praying for those in need and focusing on praise not petition. I am looking outward, not inward. Tough to do, but impossible to live if I don't try. And of course, when it gets to be too much, I return to the worlds of fiction and happy endings that you wonderful crafty ladies have created for me to get lost in. Thank you!

Lenora said...

Thanks for your post. We live our readers.