Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What if? Lenora Worth

Hi. I'm late in posting today. I was out of town this past weekend with a group of women down at Gulf Shores, Alabama. We make this trip once a year and we always have a grand adventure. We sometimes play the "What if?" game and create crazy stories from things that happen on our trip. This year, a big storm came through in a fast and furious way. As we watched it from our fourth floor condo, we saw umbrellas and chairs flying through the air. Somewhere in all the excitement, a friend started videoing the storm and our reactions. It was funny but that wind was pretty scary and amazing. The funny part was how we were all chatting and gasping. We discovered we couldn't even open the front door of the condo because of the vortex of wind pushing through. But my friend kept on taping, her voice low and dramatic as she described the "danger". I told her on the way home I had an idea for a new book--Storm Warning. I think that title has been used before, but I like it. The heroine would be a weather girl and the hero would grow fresh produce. (Since we pass several fruit stands on our way to the beach and we never have time to stop or room to put fresh strawberries in the car.)

We had a fun, exciting trip even if we were packed into my Yukon like those strawberries are packed into a basket. We beached, shopped and found creative ways to shove our new stuff in our suitcases with the old. And yes, I bought shoes!!!

Don't you love playing "What if?" Sometimes, even vacation becomes the plot of a story.

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Sheri said...

Great idea and such fun! :o)