Saturday, June 30, 2007

Exciting News!

This has been a fantastic week full of celebration for me. My agent contacted me on Monday to tell me that my editor called to offer me a contract on the sequel to Cradle of Secrets. I'm so thrilled to be publishing another book with Steeple Hill and so happy that I'll get to continue the series that I've started.
The tentative title of this next book is Desperate Secrets, but it looks like it will change. This story is about Dylan's kid sister, Sonny Montgomery, and a very handsome and sexy bounty hunter on the hunt for Sonny and Dylan's brother, Cash, who you'll learn all about in Cradle of Secrets, the first book in the series which is due out 11/07.
To celebrate my new sale, the girls and I went out for dinner. The girls (my 3 teenage daughters) and I don't really need an excuse for a girl's night out of dinner and lots of laughs, but my sale provided a nice reason.
Anyway, I'll be finishing the writing on this next book in the coming months. It'll be a nice diversion while I wait for Cradle of Secrets to hit the stands!

Until next week, many blessings!

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