Thursday, June 28, 2007


I got my first revision letter from Steeple Hill yesterday. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I LOVED reading it. My editor has a fantastic reputation for pushing writers to improve their stories and characterization. If you want to learn to write, many authors have told me to write for her.

After reading this letter, I agree.

Yes, she has several direct criticisms of the way the book is structured right now. But I know that each of those is rooted in a desire to make the book stronger and better.

And frankly, I need the direction.

Deadly Exposure is the best book I can make it. But that doesn't mean it's done. Instead, I know there are many places it can be improved. With Krista's help, I'm identifying them.

This isn't my first revision letter. I've had the pleasure of going through this process once with my other publisher. In a sense I'm broken in and know what to expect. What impresses me most about the editors I work with is that they want to make me look better.

In the revision process, I'll learn many things. Hopefully, I'll then apply these new skills to future books. I often pray for a teachable spirit that is eager to learn everything I can about writing -- especially where my writing is weak.

I now understand why authors like Colleen Coble say they love getting revision letters. With my editor's guidance, this book will come to life in a way that will hopefully resonate with readers. And that, after all, should be the goal of all writers.

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