Monday, June 18, 2007

Just Another Mantic Monday

I love Mondays, which is why I chose to be Monday's Craftie Lady. Like many people, I choose Monday to regroup. If I've gotten behind on my writing, it's always Monday when I regroup. If I diet, I start on Monday. Actually, I think the people who can let go of the Monday frame of mind are the real go-getters. If I regrouped, say on Wednesday, my manuscript might be 20 pages fuller; my diet goal might be a lost-pound closer.

The family and I vacationed this weekend, with a two year old. We did Jerome, Arizona. I've been there many, many times but never get tired. My writer mind was most impressed this time by my sister-in-law's input. Seems that as a child, she spent lots of time in Jerome before it went commercial. Back then, it was a ghost town. Hmm, I have a ghost town in the book I'm writing. Did I listen to her? Yup.

Next we went to Indian ruins. I can't spell the name of the place we went to, and I don't want to look it up. Suffice it to say, we arrived after five, the vistor's center was closed and we got to climb the Anasazi ruins without a crowd. Wow, to think my tennis-shoed feet were treading where the old ones tread so many years ago. Did I get ideas. You bet. I'm thinking forest ranger!

The Grand Canyon was our biggest adventure. Good news: been there, done that. Bad news: With a two year old, a stroller, and mega crowds, this time wasn't as much fun. Story ideas all had to do with sweat, waits, and hunger. Well, the secondary plot would be good. Vacations are always better when taken with family :)

We stayed in Williams, Arizona. That's where the train to the Grand Canyon is housed. We didn't take the train - although my son, a Thomas the Train fan, would have liked to - we drove. Williams was hosting a biker weekend, and yes, my story idea has a biker for a hero. I saw one I wanted. LOL, don't tell my husband!

Our last tourist bit was in Camp Verde, where we toured the old fort and I learned what a stryker was.

Now it's Monday, I wrote all of five sentences while on vacation. Which means not double, not triple, but quad duty this week. Oh, Mikey starts swim lessons this morning! Story idea? Not a chance. Me, in a bathing suit, with all those 20 somethings. Eek. I'm not only Mommy come lately, but Body gone early.

Happy writing!

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