Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer days and weeding...

It may only be June 22, but I can already feel the cold November coming my way. Let me explain.

This week I got a clean copy of my book Cradle of Secrets which is due to be released 11/07. You'd think after writing and editing the book I'd be tired of reading it, but quite the contrary. It has spurred a new excitement in me that my book is actually going to be a reality! More on that soon!

To give you a little bit of information about me, I like to garden. I'm not in love with it, but I enjoy it. There's something about putting seeds in the ground and watching them grow into something beautiful. I admit that I like the results of my work more than the doing.

When my kids were toddlers, I had a small vegetable garden the two things that were the biggest hit were carrots and peas. They loved to pull the little shoots out of the ground and see the carrot that had been growing there. They also loved to pull off the pea pods and crack them open to see the little peas inside. Of course, I could never get them to actually "eat" them, but it was definitely a fun treat.

I don't have a vegetable garden anymore, but I do have my flower beds around the yard and they are filled with perennials that I planted years ago when we first built the house. Unfortunately, as I gear up for the National conference, I find myself weeding with an 8 foot hoe instead of just reaching into the ground and yanking out the weeds. It seems poison ivy has invaded my flower beds once again and rather than look like a burn victim (memories of my last outbreak three years ago are still fresh in my mind) when I go to meet my editors in Dallas, I'll just deal with an overgrown garden. I'm thinking of telling my neighbors, who have always praised me for having such a pretty garden, that I'm experimenting with the "cottage" look. It's either that or I'll end up hiding behind a mortgage pamphlet again when I go to the bank so I don't scare any small children when they see just how allergic to poison ivy I am.

Not weeding my garden has given me more time to write, which is good. I'm revising another proposal for Steeple Hill and am working on a manuscript for Harlequin Romance. These summer days have made me feel energized to be more productive. Now if I can only get my kids to clean their rooms, I'll be golden!

Until next week, many blessings!


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