Monday, January 28, 2008

Proposing a Series

Ah, January, what a 'nice' month. I had a book due January 2. So, December 31, of course, was a harried day for me. UPS closed early; I arrived late. FedEx was open (not even a line!) and off my manuscript went.

Ah, January, what a 'nice' month. January has been very healing because I do not have a new contract. I've done a few things that I haven't had time to do in about two years. I started cleaning my office (see post from two weeks ago - and starting to clean are operative words). I've been reading (getting seven books to judge for the RITA really inspires me there - I got a real hodgepodge: short, long, series, mainstream. Very interesting). I've actually watched two movies all the way through (Okay, the two-year-old is more distracting in that department than the book deadlines).

Ah, January, what a 'nice' month to worry.

Not having a contract, to me, is like forgetting to wear my watch. Did you know that most people today do not wear watches? They rely on their cellphones. I'm not addicted to my cellphone. To me, it's much easier to glance at my wrist than to go look for my purse (I do have a friend who somehow carries her cellphone inside or at least attached to her bra - wouldn't work for me) and dig for the cellphone. I've worn a watch for [insert ridiculously low number here. No! You don't get to insert three numbers - I'll hunt you down] years. If I leave the house without my watch, I will turn around and go back for it. Otherwise, I'm looking at the hair on my wrist every few minutes and getting annoyed.

January has given me free time and much time to worry. What to write next? Were the first seventeen book sales a fluke? Will the new editor like my writing? Where am I in my career? Does Nora ever worry? Etc and so forth.

Well, this morning I emailed my agent a three-book proposal. I've never done a series before. I've always proposed either one book at a time, or I've proposed two books that were not related. Sunday's Craftie Lady did offer some advice (Thanks Roxanne!). And, since the proposal went to my agent instead of the editor, I'm sure I'll get even more advice.

Here's what I sent: Bio, past and ongoing marketing strategies, blurb, one-liner, synopsis, three chapters for book one, synopsis for book two, and synopsis for book three.

I'd be interested to know what everybody else does?


Terri Reed said...

Pam, it sounds like you covered all your bases with your series proposal.
Good job!

PamelaTracy said...

Thanks Terri! My agent said there really is no definite format. He rearranged a few things, like where I put my marketing info and such; otherwise, he left it as is.

Cara Putman said...

It depends. One editor requested another series proposal from me -- but she specifically said not to send the full synopsis and sample chapters for the book. Instead, she wanted the historical hooks, characters, and basic plots. It was great to be able to write it that way. But I'll have A LOT of work to do if she decides to pick it up.

Another proposal I'm waiting on will be a three book series, but the editors just wanted to see the synopsis for the first book and a sample chapter. Different set of circumstances.

Then there's the proposal that's back at Steeple Hill -- revised as requested.

Now I'm waiting to see what sticks and enjoy the break. Though there's this other proposal I could be working on...