Saturday, July 19, 2008

ACFW conference--why go

This is a picture of Linda Goodnight (on the right) and me with our Book of the Year plaque for last year's contest.

This is the first year I am going to teach a class (How to Write an Inspirational Romance) at the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference in September (18th-21st) in Minneapolis. In the past I have been a member of a panel, but this year I have the floor all to myself. I am really looking forward to imparting my MANY years of knowledge (HA!). I think the thing I've learned the most over the years is that you need always to be sharpening your skills, that you never stop learning.

This is a picture of the panel I was on last year--Lenora Worth, Irene Brand, me (seated on the left) and Debra Clopton.

I am so looking forward to this conference--each year it has gotten better (It's gonna be hard to top last year). Here are ten reasons you should consider going to the ACFW conference if you write Christian fiction.
10. To hear Angela Hunt speak--the keynote speaker
9. To meet with an agent
8. To meet with an editor
7. To sing songs and share worship with others (this is one of my favorite activities--so moving)
6. To see people who have become friends (often getting to know them online through the ACFW loop)
5. To go to the Mall of America for the huge booksigning on Saturday (stop by and say hi to me--I'll be signing)
4. To eat your meals while you get to pick an industry person's brain (try to ignore the fact that I had the words meals and brain in the same phrase--during the meals it is a great time to converse with an author, agent or editor who is hosting a table)
3. To see Randy Ingermanson blush while he tells you how a man thinks (very interesting presentation)
2. To attend the gala Saturday night for the Genesis contest and the Book of the Year Contest (I am a finalist for Heart of the Family in the Short Contemporary and Vanished in the Short Contemporary Suspense.) and cheer all your favorite authors

Now a drum roll for the number one reason:
1. For the fellowship with people who go through what you do to write their stories glorifying the Lord

Some more pictures from last year:


Ellen said...

Congratulations on being in the Book of the Year contest. And good luck.

Margaret Daley said...

Thanks, Ellen. I'm excited about the contest--actually the whole conference coming up.


Jessica said...

Y'all pray for the sin of envy welling up in my hear right this minute.

But I hope all of you have tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

I have one word for you.


I am so excited it is finally coming to Denver next year.

Woohooo on the BOTY!!!

Margaret Daley said...

Thanks, Tina. I look forward to seeing you then in Denver next year.

Jessica, I plan on having tons of fun.


windycindy said...

Congratulations, Margaret! Good luck.

Margaret Daley said...

Thanks, Cindi.