Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shadows at the Window Interview

Today we're welcoming Lilly Johnson, the heroine of Shadows at the Window by Linda Hall, July '08. Wow, you've just had quite an adventure.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be in the midst of such suspense.
I've been on the run. For eight years I've been on the run. I thought I had hidden myself well enough....but the past has a way of catching up with the present. And so that's where I am. But you'll have to read the rest of the book to find out the rest of my story. It would take too long to go into it all here again.

2. So, during the book you met Greg Whitten. Tell us a bit about him. What was your first impression? When did you know it was love?

Greg is such a teddy bear. Everyone loves Greg. He's a youth pastor and loves kids and kids love him. He's wonderful and affable and there are times when I don't think I deserve him. I met him when I moved to Boston and decided to 'try' church. We just sort of hit it off right away.

3. What strengths/skills do you have? What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength? Oh, right away I would say music. I was born with music in my blood and have studied it most of my life. I play the piano, guitar and sing. So, that's what I'm talented at, but greatest strength? I would like to say I'm devoted and steadfast, but that's not really true. I can't even say I'm very honest. Maybe, just maybe a strength would be determined. Yes, that's it - I'm determined. I wouldn't have come to Boston if I wasn't determined.

4. What scares you?
Many things; lonely dark alleys, unlocked doors, ground floor apartments, sounds that I can't identify. I'm afraid of a lot of things. that's my problem.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would have taken advantage of the music scholarship and gone on to college right after graduating from high school instead of waiting so long.
6. Where are you in your faith at the start of your story?

It's strong, but hadn't yet been 'tested'.

7. Where are you in your faith at the end of the story?

After my faith had been tested big time, I think I'm even closer to God.

8. You've got a scripture at the beginning of the story. Tell us why this scripture is significant.

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

This Scripture is significant because for a long time I tried to be that 'new creature' on my own. Then, a whole bunch of circumstances intervened - which are written about it my story - Shadows at the Window- and I learned that that is not the way at all. That being new has to come from Christ.

9. If you could be a dessert what would you be and why?

Does it have to be dessert? Can't I be popcorn? Porcorn is something that my roommate Bridget and I seem to live on!

Thanks for the chance to be interviewed!

Lilly Johnson

You're so welcome, Lilly! And thank you to Linda Hall for sharing Lilly with us. I look forward to reading this story.


PamelaTracy said...

I loved your first book. I even emailed you and told you that the first person pov was great! I haven't read the new one because it hasn't hit the stores yet. Welcome to the Craftie site. We're thrilled you're here.

Ellen said...

Lily sounds like a strong person who gets even stronger as she grows in her faith.

PamelaTracy said...

I bought the second one today. Looking forward to reading it.