Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dark Knight

This isn't exactly a review of the movie because I don't do reviews. Rather it is about my impressions of the movie which by the way fits in this blog well. It was SUSPENSEFUL! I really enjoyed the The Dark Knight (it is rated PG13, I'm sure, for the violence). The characterization of Batman was great. He is definitely the Dark Knight. He fights evil (in this case the Joker, played beautifully by Heath Ledger), but he also fights his own desire to have a life outside of the Batman persona. He doesn't think he's what the city needs. The city needs a White Knight (actually I think we need anyone who will fight the evil in the world). Personally I think the city needs the Dark Night, Batman. He puts fear into the villains who prey on people. This is a movie about good versus evil. It's a movie about hope, too (that's what our books are about). This is illustrated in several scenes but one particularly sticks with me. I won't try to give the scene away, but there is a beautiful scene toward the end where this is exhibit in an unlikely way (on the boats). Also the end shows this.

What better message than hope can triumph and good can win against evil! We need this, especially in a world where terrorists leave their imprints all over our lives. I'm getting ready to get on a plane to go to San Franscisco. I will have to put all my liquid items in my bag that goes in the belly of the plane or only carry a limited amount on the plane in my carryon. If you are someone who has had her luggage lost, you travel like me prepared to do without for a few days which means you put at least a day's change of clothing in your carryon along with all your toiletries. But not anymore because of a terrorist. Oh, well, change is part of life and I will make do with what I have to.

So my question to you is do you have a favorite movie or book hero who is the meaning of the word hero in every aspect? I have to admit I'm intrigued with this new Batman version.


Jessica said...

3:10 to Yuma, the hero! Soooooo good!!!!!
You're right about hope. I just watched a tv show last night with my husband that left me depressed at the end. There was no hope for anyone in it. Nothing for me to cling to.

Margaret Daley said...

That's what I love about our books. The Lord offers us hope. We need that in our lives or we do get depressed. Jessica, you are so right.


Hope Chastain said...

All the brothers in the miniseries, THE SACKETTS. Can we leave out Indiana Jones? I really want to see the new one with his wife, Marion! ;-)