Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Like a Lion and Out Like One, Too

by Linda Hall

Yesterday morning I woke up to snow, and lots of it, and on this, the final day of March, the weather isn’t much better. So – March came in like a lion and here in the northeast it’s exiting like one, too.

And I’m still where I was two weeks ago when I blogged – slogging through a major re-write of my book. Oh, and I should mention – this was a book that I thought was “nearly perfect” when I sent it in to Love Inspired Suspense. Little did I know what was looming around the corner, but, really, I'm tired of all of that. I’ve been working all day, and soon I will head to lovely hot tub, a novel and then bed.

And yes – a novel. Even when I’m bogged down with writing and edits and rough drafts and more edits, I always take time to read. I think it’s vital for writers to keep reading – even when they’re busy. You would be surprised at the number of writers who, when in the heat of a deadline, don’t find the time to read. To me, this is so important. Reading others words helps keep my own voice alive and fresh. Reading others words helps me through the rough spots in my own work. Reading others words helps take my mind off my own for just a little while. What I DO give up is TV. I haven’t watched the news in weeks. Is there a world out there? But, I try not to give up reading.

Now – off to the hot tub!


Margaret Daley said...

Linda, I hope April is better.

EllenToo said...

Sometimes the news is only bad and I really don't want to hear it so I don't watch TV. But I do read a lot.