Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Madness

In my last post I talked about how crazy life can get when living under deadline. This month is going to be a doozy. Full to the brim with all kinds of March Madness.

Monday the rewrite for my next LIS was due...Trial by Fire is going to be a much better book after the rewrites, but it almost killed me getting them in on time. Hmm...Writing a suspense book almost killed me.

Well, what really got me was two very sick kiddos the week after Valentine's Day. Three pediatricians in three different offices in less than 48 hours. I tried very hard to live in the moment and focus on hugging and holding those two wee ones, when all my mind could think about was the rewrite and the book that's due on April 1. (in fact I should be working on that right now. Sigh!)

So I had to do something I hate. I asked for help. I called my mom and asked if there was any way she could come from Nebraska and help me out. I am so blessed that she said yes.

She arrived last Wednesday and left yesterday. In between she homeschooled the kids, did laundry, kept us fed, went grocery shopping, and did all the other things she could think of to free
some time for me to write. It was such a help!

See the challenge is that no matter how well we plan, life erupts and gets in the way. I couldn't predict that my kids would have pneumonia, ear infections, and RSV. That's the kind of scenario I don't want to predict. But I could ask for much as I hate to admit I need it LOL

With Mom here, I had to pull a few very late nights, but I got the rewrite in the mail Saturday. And now I have a good start on the book that's due April 1. I'll still have to be disciplined and stay on task, but now I'm not panicked. And hopefully my editors won't when they read these books!


PamelaTracy said...

My son has been home sick all week. Monday he just wasn't himself. Tuesday he slept all day so we took him to the doctor and he has Influenza A. I missed work yesterday. Grandma's coming today and tomorrow. I'm a bit lucky, I mailed my last LIS two weeks ago, but, until yesterday, had not written another word in two weeks. It a tough but exciting world, isn't it.

hippmom said...

Knowing your mom, I bet she loved every minute of it and was happy to be asked. But I understand - I have a hard time asking for help, too.