Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day-Are you wearing green?

As a child I was teased for having red hair and freckles. I became painfully shy and scared by the negative attention my looks garnered. But then one day I learned of my Irish heritage. I have embraced my ancestory and my red hair and freckles. When I listen to my relatives tell stories, it's little wonder I am a writer. I can't wait to visit Ireland oneday.
I love the legand of St. Patrick, though, I'm sure his tale has been embellished over the years as only the Irish can do. I've included a couple of links to websites where you can learn more about St. Patrick and the day we celebrate.


EllenToo said...

Yes I'm wearing green today. I am only partly Irish but I still wear green. I also don't look Irish because I have dark hair and no freckles, but I always wanted the red hair. And I love the story of St.Patrick (embellished or not).

Vince said...

Hi Terri:

I’m Irish but my brother got the red hair, terrible temper, and summer sunburns.

I did a survey of contemporary romances last year and found redheads were represented in romances at about 4 times their occurrence in the US population. That is, 8% in romances and only 2% in the population. I think a redheaded heroine is extra special and I think a lot of romance writers think the same.


Terri Reed said...

Hey, Happy St, Patty's to you both.
Ellen, as a child I wanted dark hair like my mother and father. My dad had dark hair and freckles.
Vince, very interesting statistics on redheaded heroines. Thanks for sharing.

Debby Giusti said...

I'm wearing green! Just saw a leprechaun race through my office--either I'm tired or psychotic!

Abi said...

I did have some green in my top that I wore.