Monday, March 2, 2009

Staying Home

Saturday morning, Mikey's grandmother called me on the telephone. She and Grandpa Charlie are snowbirds here visiting Phoenix from Omaha (Phoenix warm; Omaha cold). Here's the conversation.
Betty: Hi, Pam, do you have any plans today?
Pam: No, not really.
Betty: Good.
Pam: What do you want to do? (I'm thinking... Oh, good, something to do)
Betty: Whatever you want to do.
Arg. I was on my cell phone when the call came in and on my way to a meeting. Actually, for the A.M. I, at one time, had three things to do. One, work meeting (it won). Two, conference meeting for the 2010 Desert Dreams Conference. Three, a month ago, I'd arranged a playdate for Mikey. Two and Three got cancelled because of the work meeting. Afternoon and evening were free. When I hung up from Grandma, I had a job: find something fun to do.
You know, sometimes fun things fall in my lap. Sometimes I hear of a fun thing and arrange my life around it. Other times, I'm asked to come up with fun things. After the meeting I went home and ran three funs things by my husband (My favorite number is three). He didn't like any of them, (mainly because we get lots of out-of-town visitors and the well-known fun things we do until they're not so fun) and I was left with zero fun things.
We had a great evening. We stayed home. We had everyone over, cooked, and then sat in front of the television watching the Polar Express (My four year old's favorite movie right now).
It was a stress-free evening.
What do you do for fun?


Maureen said...

I prefer having people over to our house for a nice dinner and one of my favorite things is having a barbeque.

PamelaTracy said...

Yum.... I need to master barbeque.