Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Killer Chocolate--Part 9

By Leann Harris

Lovey felt the wet stickiness on Athena shoulder. “Athena, Athena, “ Lovey whispered to the woman.
There was no answer. “Oh, Lord, help”, Lovey whispered.
The sound of a body slamming against the cave wall filled the air. A grunt. Silence settled around her.
Lovey wanted to call out, but what if Creamer was the one standing?
A light flared and Rouen face looked back at Lovery.
“Are you all right?” he asked.
She nodded. “But Athena’s hurt. The shot hit her shoulder.”
Rouen aimed the pen light at Athena. “You work on Athena and I’ll tie up Creamer. I don’t want that man waving around another gun.”
They quickly tended to the two downed people. Lovey gently felt of Athena’s shoulder. There was blood, but she gently felt of the shoulder and discovered the shot had caught the fleshy part of Athena’s arm. Lovely pulled the red satin ash she had around her waist in celebration of Valentine’s Day and wrapped it around Athena’s upper arm. Lovey gently combed the hair back from Athena’s face and discovered a lump on the side of her head.
“How is she?” Rouen asked, crouching beside Lovey, flashing the pen light at the Athena and then Lovey.
Turning her head, her mouth nearly brushed Rouen’s. She swallowed hard. “It’s just a flesh wound. There’s a lump on the side of her head.” Glancing over her shoulder, she said, “She fell into the cave wall. I think that’s what knocked her out.” She turned back to Rouen and came in contact with that luscious mouth of his. “What’s going on here?”
Rouen shook his head. “I don’t know, but it appears that my brother’s been in contact with Athena and me and Creamer. I want to know why this mystery and what’s behind that door. And--” His lips brushed over hers.
Lovey heart nearly burst from her chest, and her lips tingled at the touch.
“If I was engaged to you, I wouldn’t have disappeared for years.”
This man’s words had more effect on his than anything Ryan. “Thank you.”
“Well, let’s see if we can open this door.” He aimed the pen light at the steel door. There was a keypad.
“You’ve got an idea on the combination?” Rouen asked.
Lovey thought. Her birthday? Her phone? “What about your and Ryan’s birthday?”
He tried the date. Nothing happened. “Tell me yours.”
She gave it to him. Nothing again.
As she watched him punch in the numbers, she saw his watch. “Your watch. And my watch. Ryan gave them to use. Maybe they have something to do with the combination.” She took off her watch and turned it over. 20-35-428. They compared the numbers with Rouen’s. The numbers matched.
Rouen punched the numbers into the key pad. The lights on the door turned green.
“Quick thinking. Looks like that’s it.” He reached for the door handle pulled it to the left, releasing the lock. He opened the door and found another door. With another pad.
“Now what?” Rouen asked.
“Now try your birthday,” \
He punched in the date and tried the door. The handle clicked open. Rouen slowly opened the door.
Lovey’s mouth opened in shock at the sight behind the door.


EllenToo said...

WOW ~~ we have Creamer down and tied up and Athena shot in the shoulder and bandaged and Lovey and Rouen kissing and two doors located in a cave opened and and and WHAT IS BEHIND THE DOOR????
And how many more days does this continue????

Lisa Mondello said...


Ellen, this is going all the way until the 14th! So we have 5 more installments to go. I can't wait to see what's next.

Jessiecue said...

I want to see whats next too! Are we about to finally find Ryan behind the door or do we have stolen artifacts from the project?

EllenToo said...

Thanks Lisa ~~ That's what I thought.. I am one of those people who will sit up all night to finish a good book even if I don't get much sleep!!! My mom use to come into my room and take my book away from me to get me to go to bed.

Lisa Mondello said...

Thanks when a good flashlight always came in handy! My daughter did that.

Visiting the Craftie Ladies is the first thing I do now because I HAVE to know what happened next.

Donna said...

Oh my....Another STARTLING OCCURENCE....what will happen next!!

Leann said...

I'm as anxious to see what's behind that second door. I have my suspicions, but we have to wait until tomorrow.

Lenora said...

Wow, it's going to be a challenge to wrap this up on Valentine's Day. I'll miss Lovey and Rouen! And I have no idea how I will end this story. Help!!!!

Merry said...

This has been so good... I hate to see it end!

Barbara Phinney said...

I bet Ryan's behind the door, and I would give him a good telling off if I were those two.
Poor Athena! Whoever is next to write better not bump her off.
All's fair with Creamer, that greasy sod.

Leann said...

A greasy sod. Barbara I love that.

Linda said...

I'm beginning to wonder is Rouen is in on all this, waiting to find the combination from Lovey. He and Creamer might be playing good guy/bad guy.

I hope you do this every month. The suspense kills me, but it's still fun.

Debby Giusti said...

It is fun, isn't it, Linda?

First kiss!!!! Oh my gosh!!! And in the dark cave with all sorts of critters running about. Okay, we haven't seen them yet, but they might be behind the next door. Can't wait until tomorrow!

Lisa Mondello said...

I was trying really hard not to think about critters, Debbie! Ick! But I'm dying to know what's coming up in Part 10.