Friday, February 5, 2010

Killer Chocolate A Valentine Mystery part 5

Part 5 by Barbara Phinney

“Why do you keep mentioning Luxor?” Lovey looked up at Rouen. “You mean the city in Egypt?”

“Yes.” Rouen moved closer, too. Lovey automatically inhaled his musky cologne, trying and failing to remember Ryan’s favorite.

“But that’s only the half of it,” Athena breathed, “I asked Rouen here because he’s been in on it since the beginning. Oh, Lovey, it’s been awful to keep secrets from you, but since Ryan’s disappearance-”

“In on what?”

Athena threw Rouen a sharp glance, all the while swallowing. It was Rouen that answered. “Ryan never told you what he did for a living?”

“Well, it was some building project. He didn’t say much about it, and well, honestly, he didn’t even mention you, his twin brother, so why on earth would he mention his job!” She threw up her hands, startling Cupid who obviously disliked all this fuss. He jumped down and dashed into the back room.

“Building project. Hmm. That’s one way of describing the theft of priceless artifacts.” Athena looked sadly at her friend. “I’m sorry this has to happen this way, but I needed you and Rouen here together because-”

Immediately, she gasped and jumped. Lovey turned and jumped, too. Pressing his tanned and dour face into the window of the door, was Mr. Creamer.

He reached for the door knob and jiggled it, then threw his harsh glare back in through the window at them.

Immediately, Rouen pushed Lovey back behind him and reached for the doorknob.

“No, don’t let him in!” Athena cried.

“We have to.” Rouen shook his head. “Creamer was my contact in Luxor and if the Egyptian Antiquities Department has discovered what I suspect has happened, we’ll need his contacts in Cairo.”

Rouen turned to Lovey as he let the older man in. He studied her for a moment and for that moment as the sweet heady scent of dark chocolate drifted between them, Lovey wanted to melt in the man’s arms like Godiva truffles melted in her mouth. “You really know nothing about Luxor?” he asked quietly.

Lovey shook her head. Rouen’s gaze softened as he searched her face. “Then Ryan was using you,” he said gently. “Wait ‘til I get my hands on him.”

“We’ve got bigger problems than Ryan’s despicable behavior,” Athena interjected.

Lovey reluctantly pulled her gaze from the intense Rouen, to stare at what Athena was pointing to.

Mr. Creamer had pulled a gun from his jacket and was pointing it right at her.


Margaret Daley said...

I love it. I knew you couldn't trust Mr. Creamer.

Donna said...

Until now, I was sure Rouen was really Ryan, since Lovey seems inexorably attracted to him, but now I'm not so sure! So is Athena going to turn out to be the "master spy"??

Barbara Phinney said...

Well, all I can tell you ladies is that part six is an absolute thriller!
But of course we can't trust Mr. Creamer. Who knows what he's got lurking inside of his shop or where it came from?
What I want to know is about Rouen. He's turning into quite the hero, isn't he?

Lisa Mondello said...

Love the pic of Mr. Creamer! I'm still not counting out Ryan being a good guy, but I'm hoping for a romance to develop between Lovey and Rouen. OR that the whole thing is a ruse and Rouen and Ryan are really one. Mabye he had to leave to protect Lovey. Maybe Athena is a double agent. Maybe he's there to see if he can really trust Athena and to find out if she's really in cahoots with Mr. Creamer. Oh, the possibilities are endless and I'm sure these gals will think up something I haven't.

Linda said...

Yeah, it was suspicious that Mr. Creamer made doubly sure of Lovey. I'm wondering is Athena is married to Ryan! She knows too much. After all, she knew about Rouen and Lovey didn't.

Debby Giusti said...

Love both your pics, Barbara! And your addition to the story. I'm worried about Lovey, yet she seems in capable hands now that Rouen is protecting her.

But which side of the law is Athena on? Hmmmm?

PamelaTracy said...

What a great twist, if Athena is married to Ryan!
And, I agree, the picture of Mr. Creamer is tops.

EllenToo said...

I think Athena is in on the theft of priceless objects from Luxor along with Ryan and Mr. Creamer and Rouen is the "good guy" and has come to see just how much Lovey knows or if she is in on it too.

Leann said...

When I read about Creamer, I knew he was fishy.

Debbie, Athena and Ryan? Ooh that would make Ryan a cad.

Lenora said...

I'm leaning toward Rouen as the hero. He seems very capable and besides, he knows so much. Lovey will have to step up and get her head together or she could be swept away by the wrong hero. Or the right one??? This is yummy.

Jessiecue said...

This is the first day that I have found this! I just got caught up and now I want to read more! Ladies I can't believe you are gonna leave me in suspense like this for DAYS!! :)I love it though!

Lenora said...

Glad to have you, Jessicue. We have fun here and we love writing our suspense-filled books, too.

Barbara Phinney said...

Welcome, Jessicue,
Feel free to let us know what you think will happen. 'Cus even us authors don't always know! LOL

SketchGirl said...

Wow loving this adventure! Why do some women let themselves be swept away by the romance and yet not use their head!Sounds very much like Ryan is the rush ahead kind of guy and Rouen is the think first act later who keeps Ryan in line! Maybe Mr Creamer thinks Lovey is in on it all with Ryan? Athena may have been in on it with Ryan and has now called on Rouen since she has developed a conscience as she's released that Lovey is in danger and Ryan may have made her promise to keep Lovey safe! Can't wait for the next installment!

Olga said...

Great job, Barbara! And I loved the cliffhanger!